Xiaomi Civi 2 is launched for ladies

September 28, 2022

There are smartphones that no one waits for, and no one remembers when they are gone. But some handsets remain the talk of the town long ago before their launch and make a furor when they are out. A year ago, Xiaomi launched its most beautiful smartphone, namely the Xiaomi Civi. Today, the brand released the second generation of this series, which has many improvements and keeps a beautiful look.

Hardware and performance

Though this is a “fragile” handset made for ladies, inside, it’s too powerful. The device comes with the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip, which inherits 8 core modules from the flagship Snapdragon 8 series. At the same time, our protagonist uses luxurious cooling. The latter has a customized stainless steel VC liquid cooling, which boasts a further advanced thermal conductivity.

Another selling point of the Xiaomi Civi 2 is the camera on the rear panel. The main sensor is the Sony IMX766 flagship CMOS with a 50MP resolution. This super-large bottom main camera includes an ultra-transparent optical glass lens, which provides a super image quality. At the same time, it can take outstanding photos at night.

Apart from this, there is also a 20MP wide-angle and macro lens.

Xiaomi Civi 2 front camera

However, the biggest highlight of the phone is the dual 32MP front camera. Both sensors are the main cameras. Generally, this handset has the most powerful selfie camera in Xiaomi’s history. It comes with a golden face ratio and larger field of view and will capture smaller faces when recording videos. Besides this, the camera supports a 3D fine video beauty. The latter proceeds with 316 facial dots to make the video more accurate. Also, it supports video portrait blurring.

The Xiaomi Civi 2 is also ideal for vloggers.

The multi-color temperature and four soft lights have three color temperature modes – cold light, warm light, and natural light. You can choose any of these that matches your atmosphere the best. As for the latter, the handset offers five atmosphere light effects – purple, warm, Klein blue, etc.

The 4D light tracking technology can simulate real color light effects, making facial contours more three-dimensional.

The phone supports star-level retouching. This is a pixel-level skin rejuvenation technology 3.0 trained with million-level data. In effect, it can easily deal with six major skin problems.

Though this is a female-centric smartphone, boys have a special beautification effect. It also supports AI gender recognition.

Honestly, due to strong hardware and improved software, the Xiaomi Civi 2’s front camera brings DSLR-like portrait blur. For this, there are two technologies – Bionic eyes and Ultra-clear binoculars. The former imitates the human eye ranging to achieve delicate space blurring; the letter gets up to 256 layers of depth information to easily outline the visual focus.


Besides being the best selfie camera in Xiaomi’s history, it’s also the most beautiful phone in the company’s history. It uses double-layer pleats; the layers are double-polished. So when touching, you will have a delicate feeling. Also, the phone’s rear panel supports a three-dimensional light and shadow effect. For this, the company uses superimposed nano-level ultra-white electroplating.

Apart from the aforementioned special edition co-branded with Hello Kitty, there are also three other colorways – Ice Blue, Pink Powder, and Black.

The phone is also very light at 171.8g and is thick at 7.23mm. The 58° slightly curved body makes it very comfortable to hold in hand.

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