Xiaomi 14 will come with a faster charging than Xiaomi 13

January 17, 2023

The power supply of the basic version of Xiaomi 13 has a power of 67W and is compatible with chargers from Xiaomi Mi 12 and Mi 11 Pro. The top version of the “thirteen” – the Xiaomi 13 Pro smartphone – received a fast 120W charger. But this is not the fastest charging solution for Xiaomi smartphones. So there is every reason to think that the Xiaomi 14 will get a much faster charging technology.

Xiaomi 14 will support faster charging

Starting from the Xiaomi 14, the Chinese tech giant will seek to gain a competitive advantage by offering smartphones with more powerful chargers, according to a Chinese tech blogger. He has managed to get a listing for the latest Xiaomi power supply, which is called MDY-14-EC, while the counterpart for Xiaomi 13/Xiaomi 12 is called MDY-12-Ex.

The new accessory differs from its predecessor in terms of the following parameter – 20V/4.5A, which corresponds to a maximum speed of 90W. According to the tech blogger, the new generation charger will come with the Xiaomi 14 model, which will replace the Xiaomi 13 later this year.

However, this is not what we are waiting for. The Redmi Note 12 Pro supports 210W fast charging. It is the world’s first model to drop the charging time to a single digit. We mean that Xiaomi has already released such a smartphone, and it’s still unclear why the company doesn’t use it in its top-end models.

Other than that, today, Lei Jun said in a post that there are many users switching from the iPhone 12 to the Xiaomi 13. The reasons are faster charging and better signal transmittance. So do you imagine how many customers will turn to Xiaomi when it begins using faster charging technologies? We are not even talking about the Xiaomi rivals, such as iQOO, which brought a 200W charging phone, and Realme, which has announced a 240W charging solution.

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