Xiaomi 13 / Pro made Xiaomi rank first in Chinese premium smartphone market

January 13, 2023

One year ago, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said bluntly in an internal letter to Xiaomi employees that “the road to the premium segment is the only way for Xiaomi to grow, and it is also the battle of life and death for Xiaomi’s development.” If translated into simpler words, this means that Xiaomi should challenge the iPhone and the likes. To reach this goal, Xiaomi should conquer the world starting from the domestic market. According to their plans, this should happen within 3 years.

Today, according to data from market research agencies, during the W52 (December 26-January 1) period in 2022, Xiaomi won a 21.7% market share in the domestic smartphone market in the price range of 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan ($593 – $890). According to the report, Xiaomi ranks first for two consecutive weeks in the domestic market. Compared with the previous week, Xiaomi’s sales volume share in this price segment increased by 2.7%. Of course, the main locomotive for such results is the Xiaomi 13.

Chinese premium smartphone market

Lei Jun pointed out that Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro are not considered regular and top models of the series. They have been designed with different goals in mind. The Mi 13 Pro adopts a curved screen design, while Mi 13 adopts a straight screen design. Among them, the Mi 13 standard version uses an “ultra-narrow straight screen.” Its four sides have almost the same width. By the way, three sides are narrowed to 1.61mm. This is the first time that a smartphone has four equal edges in the Android camp.

Xiaomi 13 Pro screen

Well, as we talked about the display of these handsets, we should point out that Xiaomi 13 Pro uses the highest-end and most expensive screen in the Android camp.

The size of its screen is 6.73 inches. It uses Samsung E6 luminescent material, which greatly improves luminous efficiency. The peak brightness is as high as 1900nit, and the content on the screen can be clearly distinguished even under direct sunlight.

Xiaomi 13 Pro display

In addition, the screen of the Mi 13 Pro supports LTPO high refresh rate. The latter allows users to adjust it independently. In the settings, they can choose the refresh rate of each app by themselves, bringing the smoothest experience.

More importantly, the screen of Mi 13 Pro supports 1920Hz PWM high-frequency dimming. This high-frequency PWM dimming solution can effectively reduce the impact of screen flicker on the human eye. On the other hand, it solves the problem of DC dimming with low brightness.

In addition, parameters such as 1.07 billion colors and 10-bit color depth, professional HDR display, ambient color temperature sensing, and full-link P3 wide color gamut display also make the Xiaomi 13 Pro screen stand out.

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