Xiaomi car appeared on the streets

January 6, 2023

We’ve known that Xiaomi has been working on its own vehicle for a few years. If everything goes according to plans, the first Xiaomi car will appear on the market next year. But it’s not an easy deal to make a car. So if it is scheduled to go on sale next year, it should already be in tests.

What we know about Xiaomi car

Recently, a test car appeared near the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. It had many similarities with the Porsche Panamera, with a lidar on the roof. If believing in a Xiaomi executive, the Xiaomi car project would have been going smoothly.

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From the leaked photos, we can see that the alleged Xiaomi vehicle also has a rear wing. On the side of the car body, there is a solid-state laser radar at the rear (the left side of the car has a blind-filling solid-state laser radar).

Previously, we learned that Xiaomi’s first car would be a sedan. Also, we knew that the lidar supplier had been determined to be Hesai Technology. The price of the car should be controlled under 300,000 yuan ($44,000). This also means that the car won’t have a high configuration. The reason why everyone is looking forward to the price of the Xiaomi car is that the Xiaomi phones were priced low. But they were providing much better performance than many models in the same price segment.

Anyway, there are many rumors suggesting that the Xiaomi car will have two variants – low and high configurations. The low-end model plans to use a 400V voltage platform and carry BYD’s lithium iron phosphate blade battery; while the high-end model plans to use an 800V voltage platform and carry the latest ternary Kirin battery launched by CATL.

We also know that Xiaomi has invested 3.3 billion yuan ($490 mln) in research and development in the field of autonomous driving.

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