Xiaomi Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator F400 Launched: Priced at 239 Yuan

March 28, 2024

The Xiaomi Mijia portable oral irrigator F400 has been launched, priced at 239 yuan (about $33).

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator F400

Moreover, it offers three color options: Cloud White, Mint Green, and Coral Pink, each with three nozzles. Using the “Cloud Sensing Umbrella Jet Tooth Cleaning Technology,” it precisely cleans tooth gaps with a central water column and thoroughly cleans the gum triangle area with a surrounding circular water curtain, increasing the cleaning area by 7 times and improving gentleness by 40%.

Providing 1700 pulses of water flow per minute, the product claims to “reduce gum burden while removing 99% of dental plaque.”

Furthermore, the Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator F400 features an intelligent stabilizing system. Even with a low battery, water pressure remains stable, minimizing gum irritation and bleeding. The water inlet stores nozzles hygienically. Additionally, a detachable 200mL water tank reduces refilling frequency by 67% compared to the previous generation.

Not only that, but this Xiaomi Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator F400 also supports 4 brushing modes: Gentle mode for beginners, Standard mode for daily post-meal cleaning, Strong mode for thorough residue removal, and Massage mode for gum care during unusual conditions.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator F400

The Cloud Sensing Multi-Effect nozzle is more beginner and sensitive gum-friendly, while the Standard nozzle meets daily deep cleaning needs, and the Orthodontic nozzle is suitable for orthodontic individuals.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Oral Irrigator F400

Additionally, with a fully charged battery, the product boasts a “super long endurance of up to 100 days.” It also utilizes food-grade water tank materials and comes with three nozzle types suitable for beginners, experienced users, and orthodontic patients alike.

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