Samsung Frame LS03D QLED 4K TV Released: Get Pantone Artistic Certification

March 18, 2024

During the ongoing 2024 Samsung home appliance launch event, Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Frame LS03D QLED TV, claiming to be the industry’s first TV certified by Pantone Art. This TV is available in sizes ranging from 55 inches to 85 inches, all equipped with 4K 120Hz panels. The price details are as follows:

  • 55-inch model: priced at 9499 yuan (about $1,379)
  • 65-inch model: priced at 11999 yuan (about $1,689)
  • 75-inch model: priced at 18999 yuan (about $2,675)
  • 85-inch model: priced at 29999 yuan (about $4,225)

As per the introduction, the TV series features a matte QLED 3840×2160 resolution quantum dot panel, with dual-color temperature LED backlighting and a built-in brightness sensor that intelligently detects ambient light, automatically adjusting screen brightness and hue.

Samsung Frame LS03D

The Frame LS03D QLED TV, the industry’s first to get Pantone Artistic Certification, brings in adaptive color tech. It optimizes images by adjusting hue and brightness smartly, restoring colors to Pantone levels. In standard lighting, it’s hard for the human eye to spot the difference between the screen color and the color card. This lets paintings show more realistic, vivid colors on the screen, offering users greater visual delight.

Samsung Frame LS03D

Furthermore, the Samsung Frame LS03D QLED TV series features a slim body thickness of 26.9 mm, 40W speakers (claimed to enhance surround sound effects), operates on the TIZEN system, and provides various magnetic art frames. Additionally, it introduces a new photo collection mode called “matte shade.”

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