Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Exposed: 3 New Versions, Processor Energy Efficiency is Improved by 50%

March 16, 2024

On March 13th, local time, @kro posted that Samsung is launching the Galaxy Watch 7. It will feature Classic, Pro, and a new version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

This would mark Samsung’s first release of three versions of the Galaxy Watch smartwatch. Earlier leaks suggested Galaxy Watch would return to a square design, with the “new version” in this leak likely referring to the square-designed Galaxy Watch.

The following day, @Anthony announced that the Exynos W940 processor would power the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, boasting a “50% increase in efficiency and a 30% increase in speed. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 utilized the Exynos W920 chip, similar to the Galaxy Watch 6’s Exynos W930, with only a clock frequency boost and manufacturing process improvements in the W930. If this leak is accurate, the Galaxy Watch 7 will introduce Samsung’s most significant performance upgrade in recent years for its smartwatch chips.

The leak suggests that the real highlight of the W940 is its status as Samsung’s first commercial 3-nanometer chip, based on the Exynos 5535 (an internal designation, not a market one). If this information holds, we can expect a substantial performance boost in the Galaxy Watch 7 series, offering exceptional interaction experiences and significantly extending battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

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