Xiaomi TV S65 and S55 Mini LED Pre-Sale Starts at 2799 Yuan

March 15, 2024

Today, Xiaomi TV has officially announced the pre-sale launch of the new Xiaomi TV S65 and S55 Mini LED.

  • Xiaomi TV S55 Mini LED: 55-inch 308 partitions 1200nits 4K 144Hz high brush, initial price 2799 yuan (about $389).
  • Xiaomi TV S65 Mini LED: 65-inch 392 partitions 1200nits 4K 144Hz high brush, initial price 3499 yuan (about $485).

Xiaomi TV S65 and S55

Xiaomi TV S65 and S55 Mini LED reportedly boast a high brightness performance of 1200nits, with backlight partitions of 308 and 392 respectively, positioning them as nearly invincible within the same range. Compared to traditional LCD panels, Mini LED offers a more refined light control performance, enhancing the contrast between light and dark in the picture, delivering a comprehensive viewing experience where highlights are not overexposed and dark parts are detailed.

Xiaomi TV S65 and S55

Moreover, they excel in restoring picture color to a greater extent, presenting a more realistic video picture with superior visual effects. The panel supports a 4K 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate, along with variable refresh rate technology and MEMC motion compensation. Enabling competitive mode can achieve a remarkable 240Hz ultra-high refresh rate.

Xiaomi TV S65 and S55

In addition, Xiaomi has equipped it with a self-developed Master picture quality engine, along with the debut of Xiaomi Qingshan eye protection on a TV and pre-installed ThePaper OS system. Other hardware features include a 4-unit stereo sound system, support for Dolby Vision and Atmos, dual HDMI 2.1 interfaces, a built-in quad-core A73 processor, 4GB+64GB large storage, and Wi-Fi 6 support.

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