Xiaomi SU7 New Configured Exposed: CATL Battery, 220kW Motor

March 13, 2024

The newly configured Xiaomi SU7 model “BJ7000MBEVR3” has recently completed the application process with the Tenna. The company publicly disclosed this information, highlighting the new car’s consistent size with the previous two versions.

The car maintains dimensions of 4997mm in length, 1963mm in width, 1455mm in height, and a wheelbase of 3000mm.

Xiaomi SU7

In line with the information changes in January reported by Tenna, the newly configured Xiaomi SU7 has also undergone some adjustments in detail. The new car allows optional installation of a black XIAOMI emblem and provides a choice of smaller font. Additionally, a brand-new style has been added to the 19-inch wheels to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 220kW single motor and adopts Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited’s (CATL) lithium iron phosphate battery. Compared to the previous version using BYD’s lithium iron phosphate battery, the new car’s curb weight has increased by 110kg, reaching 2090kg. This change might be attributed to differences in battery capacity or other technical parameters.

Xiaomi SU7

Currently, Xiaomi has officially revealed partial information about the SU7 Max and SU7 models. The new configuration retains the SU7 emblem. Furthermore, we anticipate marketing it as the long-range version of the SU7 standard edition.

The approval of the application for Xiaomi’s SU7 “BJ7000MBEVR3” implies that the model is about to enter the mass production stage. We anticipate seeing this innovative and high-performing Xiaomi electric vehicle in the market shortly.

In addition, Gizcoupon summarizes the declared information of the three models of Xiaomi SU7 as follows:

  • BJ7000MBEVA1: It has 495kW dual motors, a 101kWh ternary lithium battery, and a rear label indicating SU7 Pro/Max with a weight of 2205kg.
  • BJ7000MBEVR2: This one features a 220kW single motor, a 73.6kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, and a rear label showing the SU7. The weight is 1980kg
  • BJ7000MBEVR3: With a 220kW single motor and an unknown capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, it carries a rear label indicating SU7 and weighs 2090kg.

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