OnePlus Ace 3 Hands-on: Better Performance, Lower Power Consumption

January 7, 2024

The OnePlus Ace series, known for its performance, leads its class, offering gamers top-tier experiences. Recently, the OnePlus Ace 3 debuted as OnePlus’ first 2024 release. How will it redefine performance in smartphones? Let’s explore this together.

OnePlus Ace 3


OnePlus mobile phones have high-quality designs, with each product generation featuring varying degrees of breakthroughs and innovations. The OnePlus Ace 3 continues this trend, utilizing a flagship metal middle frame and flagship glass technology to maintain its position as a leader in the design of mid-range performance mobile phones.

The OnePlus Ace 3 provides three color choices: “Mingsha Gold,” “Star Black,” and “Moon Sea Blue,” each with distinct features. Moving on to “Mingsha Gold,” it utilizes the industry’s first “molten gold glass process,” creating a smooth, bright mirror glass texture. This particular color highlights the unique luster of metal, blending elegance and power to evoke a strong sense of fashion.

“Star Black,” a staple in the OnePlus Ace series, features the flagship’s “new generation silk glass technology.” Consequently, its body showcases a sleek, matte black texture. This design not only feels delicate and silky but also resists fingerprints, ensuring a cohesive and pleasing color experience.

OnePlus Ace 3

The OnePlus Ace 3 marks a return to the metal middle frame, absent in last year’s OnePlus Ace 2V. Notably, it shares this feature with the flagship model. Moreover, the Ace 3’s frame receives a matte finish from a metal sandblasting process, ensuring comfort with its 3D curved design. With an aviation-grade aluminum alloy metal middle frame, the OnePlus Ace 3 enhances durability, alleviating worries about daily bumps. Additionally, this improvement positively influences the phone’s heat dissipation performance. Retaining OnePlus’ classic “three-stage switch design,” the OnePlus Ace 3 enables users to quickly switch between ring, vibrate, and silent modes with a simple flick of the switch, underscoring convenience and practicality.


In the second half of the year, almost all new mobile phones in the phone market, including flagship models, have embraced Chinese-made screens, garnering widespread user approval. Particularly, the OnePlus 12 features the outstanding “Oriental Screen,” recognized as the world’s best screen. This pinnacle in Chinese-made screens has now extended to the OnePlus Ace 3.

The OnePlus Ace 3 offers the first-ever 1.5K Oriental screen, building on the OnePlus 12’s technology. It’s DisplayMate A+ certified and leads the industry with a 4500-nit peak brightness. Enhanced LTPO hardware has brightness, refresh rate, color accuracy, smoothness, and efficiency. Its 4500nit brightness ensures clear outdoor visibility, even in direct sunlight, enhancing the experience for outdoor users compared to similar devices.

OnePlus Ace 3

The OnePlus Ace 3’s Oriental Screen features the advanced “Bright Eyes Eye Protection” technology from flagship models. Additionally, it proudly holds Rheinland’s top-level smart eye protection 3.0 certification. With its 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, the Ace 3 excels in offering effective dimming and anti-blue light, ensuring a natural and comfortable eye protection experience.

In contrast to phones employing low-frequency dimming, the Ace 3 has a narrower black frame width, a lower duty cycle, and enhanced dimming effects. This innovative design addresses and resolves screen flicker issues, making the OnePlus Ace 3 a reliable choice for users concerned about eye health.

In today’s health-conscious society, eye health is key. With smartphones used often, screen eye protection is in high demand. It’s crucial to cut screen flicker and filter blue light. The OnePlus 12 Oriental Screen, widely adopted, leads the trend in eye protection features. Users find its quality superb, offering more than just eye safety.


The OnePlus Ace series excels in performance, consistently delivering a satisfying user experience across its generations. I strongly agree with this and look forward to the OnePlus Ace 3’s performance.

The OnePlus Ace 3 boasts technology, featuring the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, LPDDR5X, and UFS 4.0. It also includes three in-house developed supercomputing engines, Memory Gene Recombination 2.0, and new storage technology, making it a top contender in its class with flagship-level performance.

OnePlus’ expert tuning propelled the OnePlus Ace 3 to an AnTuTu score of 1.69 million. It scored 1559 in Geekbench 6.2.0’s single-core and 5044 in multi-core tests, showcasing its strong foundational performance.

In gaming tests, the OnePlus Ace 3 excelled. Despite initial frame rate drops during game loading, it consistently achieved high performance. It reached 59.2 frames per second in “Genshin Impact,” 119.6 in “Honor of Kings,” and 89.7 in “Peace Elite” over half an hour. These figures highlight its ability to sustain heavy games smoothly.

Moreover, in terms of temperature control, the OnePlus Ace 3 performed impressively. After 90 minutes of gaming in a 20°C room, it only heated up by 14°C. This efficiency is attributed to its Tiangong Cooling System Pro. It features cutting-edge aerospace-grade materials and an exceptional 9140mm² single VC, ensuring effective heat management.

Furthermore, the OnePlus Ace 3’s performance extends beyond gaming. Its new superframe picture engine and Link Touch technology offer nearly 1.5K super-resolution and smooth graphics in most games, enhancing realism and immersion. During the “Honor of Kings” tests, the new Lingxi Touch effectively minimized touch delay. Movements and skills were seamless and responsive, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.


OnePlus Ace 3

The OnePlus Ace 3 features a massive 5500mAh battery and 100W flash charging, ensuring quick charging and extended battery life. Notably, at a consistent 20°C, it excels in various battery tests. For instance, after an hour each of playing “Honor of Kings,” streaming music on NetEase Cloud, watching Bilibili video, and spending 8 hours on standby, it impressively maintains 65% battery. Its potent, high-capacity, and energy-efficient battery distinguishes it, providing unmatched battery longevity in its class.

Charging from 1% to 100% takes only 25 minutes, reaching 50% in just 10 minutes. The rapid charging rate allows users to gain over 50% power during daily activities, like getting ready before heading out, effectively easing concerns about battery life.

OnePlus Ace 3

In terms of performance, the OnePlus Ace 3 remains an industry benchmark. It continues to push its limits by adopting flagship features such as top-tier chips, ample memory, large batteries, and 100-watt fast charging. This ensures users experience performance that directly rivals flagship models, reaffirming the Ace 3 as a top performer in the market.


The OnePlus Ace 3 boasts a powerful imaging setup, including a 50-megapixel IMX890 primary camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. Furthermore, it adopts the “ultra-clear image quality algorithm” from the OnePlus 12, ensuring top-tier image quality.

Additionally, real-world photos show the main camera’s ability to capture detailed, naturally colored images. The phone’s advanced algorithms facilitate stunning photo capture, both day and night. Also, the Ace 3 features the same ProXDR display as its flagship counterpart, enhancing HDR photo clarity and making visuals more vivid.


OnePlus Ace 3

The OnePlus Ace 3 has been upgraded from the previous generation. It now features flagship configurations, including a metal middle frame, a 1.5K Oriental screen, a performance iron triangle, a superframe super picture engine, new Lingxi touch, and a super light and shadow ProXDR display. With these enhancements, the device delivers an excellent user experience. The comprehensive upgrade boosts product capabilities and attributes.

Crucially, the impact of the OnePlus Ace 3 on the mobile phone industry is significant. This time, the Ace 3 emerges as a leader, breaking the inherent framework of the mid-range market and taking the concept of “popularizing flagship experience” in the OnePlus Ace series to unprecedented heights. It sets a new benchmark for performance mobile phones in the industry.

The author suggests that the OnePlus Ace 3, boasting a flagship configuration, could emerge as a market leader. Moreover, if you’re thinking of buying a new phone, the OnePlus Ace 3 stands out in its price bracket. In summary, it offers a premium experience, highlighting its enhanced features and advancing industry standards.

OnePlus Ace 3 price information:

  • 12+256GB priced at 2,599 yuan (about $367)
  • 16+512GB priced at 2999 yuan (about $423)
  • 16GB+1TB priced at 3,499 yuan (about $494)

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