ChatGPT Solved 4-Year-Old Boy’s Unknown Medical Disease

September 19, 2023

Recently, a mother shared that her 4-year-old son had experienced chronic pain. Despite consulting 17 doctors over three years, they had been unable to identify the cause. Eventually, she unexpectedly discovered the root of the problem with the assistance of ChatGPT. Consequently, she could provide her son with targeted treatment to alleviate his pain.

According to international media reports, the mother, who goes by the name Kourtney, revealed that she had purchased an inflatable bounce house for her two children during the pandemic. Shortly after, her 4-year-old son Alex began complaining of bodily discomfort. The nanny even insisted that Alex required daily painkillers, or else he would become emotionally distressed. Kourtney initially suspected that her son might be suffering from dental issues, so she took him to the dentist. This marked the commencement of a protracted three-year quest for medical solutions.

The dentist, dressed in a blue uniform, suggested that Alex might have a tracheal obstruction issue and recommended consulting an orthodontist. Nevertheless, the palate expander installed by the orthodontist had only a temporary impact. Subsequently, Kourtney sought the counsel of a pediatrician, who speculated that Alex might be experiencing a growth imbalance between the left and right sides of his body, proposing physical therapy as a potential remedy.


Following physical therapy, Alex began experiencing headaches. Frustrated and desperate, Kourtney decided to consult both a neurologist and an otolaryngologist. However, despite a battery of tests, Alex’s condition showed no improvement. Kourtney’s frustration and desperation mounted. “We consulted numerous doctors and even visited the emergency room, but none could pinpoint Alex’s ailment,” she recounted.

In dire straits, the distressed mother turned to ChatGPT for help. An unexpected twist awaited her in the AI realm. It wasn’t until the beginning of the current year that Kourtney became aware of the substantial advancements in AI. Consequently, she decided to utilize ChatGPT herself. Meticulously inputting all of Alex’s medical records, she had ChatGPT analyze them. Finally, she arrived at a conclusive diagnosis: Alex was suffering from “spinal cord syndrome.”


The revelation brought clarity to Kourtney, prompting her to promptly seek treatment at a specialized hospital for her son. A neurosurgeon conducted a thorough examination of Alex, with the results perfectly aligning with ChatGPT’s diagnosis. As a result, Alex underwent immediate surgery. Today, he is well on his way to recovery.

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