Xiaomi Launches Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying Machine: 95°C High-temperature Steaming and Washing, Intelligent Interconnection

May 25, 2023

On May 25th, Gizcoupon reported that Xiaomi had launched a new product, the Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying Machine, which is now available for pre-order. It features a sleek and angular design with smooth transitions at the edges. The specific model of the product is XHQB05MJ101W. It measures approximately 295x326x400mm and weighs about 9kg. It is equipped with a dual-layered top cover for easy removal of lint. Furthermore, it supports last-rinse heating.

This Machine offers various functions, including sterilization, HPV removal, mite elimination, allergy resistance, and stain removal. Internally, it employs high-temperature steam circulation for sterilization, effectively eliminating common HPV viruses and bacteria that cause gynecological diseases at a high temperature of 95°C. It can also remove stubborn stains, effortlessly eliminating sweat, secretions, urine stains, and dandruff from underwear.

For self-cleaning purposes, the machine utilizes powerful high-temperature water jets to flush the inner drum while high-temperature steam permeates for sterilization. Moreover, it incorporates intelligent, gentle drying technology. Real-time temperature monitoring ensures that drying stops once the clothes are dry, preventing excessive heat. It provides a three-layered clothing protection system against entanglement, deformation, and over-drying. The machine also supports a 45-minute quick wash and dry cycle, as well as a 15-minute quick wash cycle. After the laundry is completed, it automatically initiates a fresh air exchange if not taken out within 30 minutes. It also offers a long-term storage function from 0 to 24 hours.

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Internally, the machine can simultaneously wash a set of underwear, three pairs of women’s underwear, or two pairs of men’s underwear. Furthermore, it provides up to 21 exclusive washing programs tailored to different fabric types. It also supports connectivity with the Mijia App. It allows users to receive laundry reminders, interact with Xiaoai, and receive OTA online updates. Furthermore, it is compatible with various AIoT devices for seamless integration.

Currently, the Xiaomi Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying Machine is available for pre-order on Xiaomi Mall (China). The price is 1,999 yuan (approximately $282).

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