Xiaomi Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying Machine Launched: Quick Wash in 15 Minutes

April 25, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 25th that the Xiaomi Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying All-in-One Machine for clothing had been launched and would be crowdfunded on April 26th. The crowdfunding of 1599 yuan(≈$231) with a retail price of 1999 yuan(≈$289).

According to the official introduction, the Xiaomi Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying All-in-One Machine supports health purification, high-temperature boiling and washing, professional stain removal, 15-minute steam cleaning of the drum, gentle drying and garment care, night-time storage, 15-minute quick wash, and intelligent interconnection.

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The high-temperature steam sterilization of the Mijia Underwear Washing and Drying All-in-One Machine uses physical means that are mild and non-irritating. It supports 95-degree high-temperature boiling and washing, specifically targeting common HPV viruses and the root bacteria of gynecological diseases. Cold water rinsing, combined with the action of laundry detergent, dissolves hemoglobin into amino acids, then heats up to dissolve hematin, and finally removes the blood stains with the water flow. It supports a 45-minute quick wash and dry, as well as a 15-minute quick wash. It also supports customizable washing programs, where users can set parameters such as water level and temperature. The machine adopts shock absorption and noise reduction technology to ensure stable operation.

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