Xiaomi Launches Mijia Smart Steam Roast All-in-One Oven: Equipped with 1.32-inch Smart OLED Display Knob

May 24, 2023

On May 24th, Gizcoupon reported that Xiaomi had released a plethora of new products ahead of the 618 shopping festival in China. One of the highlights is the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Roast All-in-One Oven. Currently available for pre-order at 1999 yuan (approximately $282).

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Roast All-in-One Oven Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Roast All-in-One Oven

It offers an array of impressive features, making it a sought-after addition to any modern kitchen. With its variable-frequency strong microwaves, this innovative appliance combines the functionalities of steaming, roasting, and frying. Users can enjoy the convenience of direct spray rapid steaming, three-dimensional hot air baking, and oil-free air frying, among other cooking options.

Xiaomi proudly claims that this product provides a capacious 27-liter capacity, ensuring ample space for culinary creativity. Furthermore, its advanced composite cooking technology sets it apart by offering professional-grade performance in microwaving, steaming, grilling, and air frying.

The oven also boasts triple intelligent control, providing users with seamless integration into their smart home ecosystem. Through the Xiaomi Home app, NFC technology, and the Xiaoai voice assistant, users can easily manage and monitor their cooking experience. Additionally, the oven has over 100 smart recipes, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

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Visually, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Roast All-in-One Oven showcases a sleek and sophisticated design. Its 1.32-inch smart OLED display knob, combined with a concealed door handle, exudes elegance while ensuring ease of use.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Roast All-in-One Oven

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