Samsung’s New Patent Approved: One Phone With Four Modes

May 1, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 30th that Samsung has recently been granted a new mobile phone patent, according to the latest list published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Samsung’s new patent consists of four different modes to meet various needs in different scenarios.

Samsung’s new patent

This patent, named “Recommended Form of a Reel Phone,” describes four modes: “Band,” “Phone,” “Phablet,” and “Tablet.”

Gizcoupon provides the following descriptions for each of the four modes:

The Band mode is suitable for one-handed use, and the screen will shrink to its smallest state, making it easy for users to play with the phone while walking. The second mode is the conventional phone mode; the third mode stretches the screen out on the left side, which is suitable for operating with both hands while standing; and the fourth mode stretches the screen out on both the left and right sides, which is suitable for operating with both hands while sitting.

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Samsung’s new patent is a significant development in the mobile phone industry. Its innovative design offers users flexibility and adaptability in different scenarios and is likely to appeal to a broad range of users. We look forward to seeing how Samsung implements this new patent in its future devices.

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