Samsung Launches S95Z/S90Z OLED TV: Three Sizes of 55/65/77 Inches

April 28, 2023

Gizcoupon reported on April 28th that Samsung had released its new S95Z/S90Z OLED TV lineup. The S95Z starts at around $2169, with prices varying according to the size of the screen: around $2,169 for the 55-inch model, $2,892 for the 65-inch model, and $4,338 for the 77-inch model. The S90Z starts at about $1735, with prices varying according to the size of the screen: The 55-inch model is around $1,735, the 65-inch model is around $2,602, and the 77-inch model is around $3,759.

Samsung S95Z/S90Z OLED TV specifications:

Samsung OLED TV features self-luminous panels with quantum dot color technology. It maintains the core advantages of OLED technology while achieving quantum dot HDR brightness enhancement and faithfully reproducing rich screen colors through pixel-level accurate light control. This series of televisions feature a neural quantum dot 4K processor that integrates Samsung Semiconductor’s innovative technology. It analyzes screen content in real-time through 20 independent AI neural networks, providing a balance of brightness, color, contrast, and detail performance.

This series of televisions also feature Dynamic Acceleration Engine Pro technology, which supports up to 4K 144Hz motion enhancement. The built-in virtual crosshairs further enhance shooting accuracy, upgrading the FPS gaming experience. In addition, the Samsung Game Center comes with a mini-map sharing function, which easily improves the display of map details in large-screen games. Players can easily capture clues on the map at a glance and enjoy a multi-screen gaming experience through device interconnection.

Sound system

Regarding the sound, the Samsung S95Z/S90Z OLED TV features new top-firing speakers that provide a real surround sound field covering high and low frequencies. In addition, relying on the intelligent analysis of the neural quantum dot processor of the playing scene, the new upgraded Sound and Picture Tracking OTS+ technology. It can drive the speakers of each part to emit sound according to the different focus of the screen content. The Samsung OLED TV series also has upgraded Q Symphony 3.0 technology. It enables the front, side, and upward-firing speakers of Samsung soundbars and TV speakers to work in concert, achieving stunning sound effects and a wider surround sound field that traditional speakers are difficult to achieve.

In terms of appearance, the thickness of the S95Z body is only 1.1cm, and it is equipped with an ultra-thin hub that can be attached to it. Users are no longer visually disturbed by cables, and it harmoniously integrates into the home space with its simple and elegant design.

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