Xiaomi Has Been Granted A Design Patent For Their Foldable Phone Appearance

April 8, 2023

Xiaomi has been granted a new design patent for a foldable screen “mobile phone”. The patent, which was recently discovered by Gizcoupon, was filed with the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration.


The foldable screen phone is for communication, photography, videography, networking, and multimedia. Gizcoupon’s report says so. The phone’s top half can fold back, transforming the front camera to a rear camera. This is its unique feature. This design seems to be completely new and has not yet appeared on the market.

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It is worth noting that the patent images provided by Gizcoupon do not reveal any information about the phone’s internal hardware or specifications. It is currently unknown whether Xiaomi will implement this design in the future or not.


Foldable phones have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with Samsung and Huawei being the most notable manufacturers. Xiaomi also has experience in this area, having released the Mi Mix Fold earlier this year. The Mi Mix Fold features a large internal foldable display, which is quite different from the design presented in the patent.


Despite the enthusiasm, it’s important to remember that patents don’t always lead to actual products. Companies often file patents as a way to protect their intellectual property, even if they don’t intend to use the design in a commercial product. Only time will tell if Xiaomi’s new patent will result in an actual product or not.

In conclusion, Xiaomi has been granted a new patent for a unique foldable screen phone design. The phone’s most notable feature is its ability to transform the front camera into a rear camera by folding the upper half of the screen backwards. While it remains uncertain whether Xiaomi will implement this design, many tech enthusiasts are excited about the possibility of a new foldable phone from the company.


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