Xiaomi’s Ranging_SL Technology Gets 3GPP Approval

April 4, 2023

April 4th news, Xiaomi‘s Ranging_SL technology has been approved by the 3GPP CT and 3GPP SA. It accords with an announcement made on April 3. This milestone has helped Xiaomi establish a dominant position in the RAN, SA, and CT working groups of 3GPP. It will enable the company to continue leading the Ranging_SL project in SA WG3 and CT WG1. Xiaomi’s triumph in 5G technology has established a solid foundation for its 6G development, highlighting the company’s technical strength and competitiveness.

Xiaomi's Ranging_SL technology

What is the Ranging_SL Technology?

Ranging_SL technology, which determines the distance and angle between terminal devices through the PC5 interface. Therefore, It is expected to become an important means of achieving high-precision positioning in the 5G era. This technology will allow Xiaomi’s ecosystem products to be more precise and convenient in navigation, positioning, and maps. It will also help achieve full-house intelligence in lighting, security, entertainment, and home appliances, delivering an immersive audiovisual experience for users.

Xiaomi's Ranging_SL technology

Additionally, Xiaomi plans to apply Ranging_SL technology in commercial, V2X, and public safety use cases, in various scenarios of 5G network coverage. Once the relevant standards are completed, the company will push for the deployment of products with this technology.

Furthermore, besides Ranging_SL, Xiaomi is also investing in other cutting-edge 3GPP research areas, such as satellite and integrated sensing. As the development of 5G technology continues, high-precision positioning has become a critical aspect for companies to remain competitive in the market. As a result of its investment in Ranging_SL technology, Xiaomi has established an important position in the industry.

Xiaomi's Ranging_SL technology

The news of Xiaomi’s achievement in Ranging_SL technology has generated significant interest on the Internet. Many experts in the industry have praised Xiaomi’s success and its potential for the future. According to a report by GizChina, Xiaomi’s Ranging_SL technology could revolutionize the navigation and positioning market. The report claims Xiaomi’s Ranging_SL technology may replace GPS, currently widely used for positioning.

Xiaomi's Ranging_SL technology

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s approval of Ranging_SL technology by the 3GPP CT and 3GPP SA is a significant achievement for the company. With the successful development of Ranging_SL technology, Xiaomi has demonstrated its technological strength and competitiveness in the market. Xiaomi’s investment in Ranging_SL will maintain its 5G dominance and prepare for 6G.

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