Mi Home Smart Side-Suction Smoke Stove Set S1 Unveiled

April 6, 2023

On April 4th news, Xiaomi launched two new smart smoke stove sets. They are the Mi Home cross-border smoke stove set S1 and the Mi Home smart side-suction smoke stove set S1. The latter product is priced at a starting point of 1699 yuan. It boasts a large air volume of 22m³/min, supporting gesture control and stove-smoke linkage. Mi Home smart side-suction smoke stove set S1 has a 33° tilt angle that provides a broad field of vision. It’s comfortable to use while cooking.

Mi Home smart side-suction smoke stove set S1

The Xiaomi smart gas stove uses a static pressure of 400Pa and supports a high firepower of 4500W. It makes it ideal for strong flames. It can be controlled using the Mi Home app and Xiao Ai, enabling users to eliminate zero-contact smoke with a wave of the hand. Additionally, the product supports automatic cruising and pressure-boosting functions. Further automatically sensing changes in wind pressure in the public smoke duct. Smoothly exhausting smoke even during peak cooking hours.

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The product uses a 720mm integrated black mirror tempered glass panel and an additional 896mm wide-opening smoke-separating panel to cover the oil fume rising area easily. It also features a 60° automatic opening and closing panel to collect smoke effectively. Even when both stoves are cooking simultaneously, oil fumes can be quickly removed.

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