Top 4 Xiaomi smart home appliances worth buying

March 6, 2023

Smart home products are what we need in 2023. It’s not something we can dream about. What we mean is that this market is now mature. So if you want, you can find any product with “smart” at the end. You can control them through voice assistants, smartphones, and other ways. In addition, the industry offers a wide range of products, such as smart light bulbs, smart toothbrushes, smart curtains, etc. You have to agree that these smart home devices are taking our lives to a higher level. So, if you want to create a more comfortable and convenient home life with smart home appliances, you should know what products are available and which brands offer the best products. For both of these questions, we have a single answer – Xiaomi.

Xiaomi smart home appliances

Although Xiaomi started out with mobile phones, its home appliances have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because its products are not only simple and stylish but also functional and more affordable than those of its competitors.

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Xiaomi has a wide range of products, and there are countless models, from washing and cooking to controlling the home environment. In its latest report, Xiaomi said it makes smart home products in over 600 categories. In simple terms, Xiaomi’s product range covers everything you can imagine. However, we’re not going to talk about all those models. Instead, we have selected four must-have smart home appliances from Xiaomi.

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan 2

Sales exceeded 1 million units.

If you want to cool off quickly in the hot summer, a fan that can blow a strong breeze is essential. You can see fans in every shop. At first glance, it is hard to imagine anything special about them. With that in mind, we need to explain why the Mijia DC Inverter Fan 2 is on this list.

First of all, the Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter Fan 2 comes with smart features that its competitors lack. The best thing about this Xiaomi fan is that it can be connected and paired with the Mijia app. The latter allows you to control the fan from your phone at any time. From there, you can set the wind speed, time, blowing angle, and the safety ‘child lock.’

Secondly, Xiaomi has also added an easy disassembly function. You can adjust the desired height with one hand using the one-touch disassembly button on the support rod. You can switch between the two modes at will.

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Floor Fan 2

Although several features make it special, Xiaomi has not forgotten the most basic feature of the fan – wind power. To this end, the Xiaomi fan uses a ‘7-blade’ design. The outer fan blades are used to generate fast wind, while the inner layer generates slow wind. The vortex is eliminated when the fast and slow wind collides, making the cutting wind more natural.

More about this product

When a fan has many blades, the air volume is naturally greater. The company uses a DC inverter motor to achieve a volume of up to 20 cubic meters per minute. The noise level is also reduced. It is as low as 30.2 decibels.

Many fans on the market offer 3 levels of wind speed adjustment. The Xiaomi fan has up to 100 wind speed levels that users can adjust.

The fan can also swivel its head left and right to a range of 140 degrees. The tilt angle can be manually adjusted. Coupled with the ultra-long air delivery distance of up to 14 meters when used with air conditioning, it can evenly distribute the air conditioning to every corner of the room and quickly cool down the environment.

Of course, the most important point is the price. The Mijia DC Frequency Converter Floor Fan 2 is almost half the price of big brand floor fans. The price is less than 400 Yuan ($58).

Xiaomi Handy Steam Iron

When it went on crowdfunding, it was supported by over 6000 users.

Wearing ironed clothes can make a good first impression. But in order to iron clothes, you first need a suitable ironing tool. Since the traditional iron needs to be used with the ironing board, it is not suitable for people who live in a small area and often go out in a hurry.

Compared to other Xiaomi products, hanging iron is not popular. But it’s one of the products that gets very good reviews.

Other features

Xiaomi’s portable iron comes with a clothes steamer to remove wrinkles from clothes. There is no need to use an ironing board during the process. Simply hang the clothes and then slide the steamer over the clothes to smooth them out.

Xiaomi Handy Steam Iron

To prevent the instant steam from damaging the clothes, the Xiaomi ironer specially adopts the SteamPlus smart technology. It also cooperates with the secondary heating function brought by the high-temperature aluminum die-cast plate. As a result, the steam can be maintained at a high temperature and pressure and can penetrate clothes stably for a long time.

As a heat-generating household appliance, the ironer has also been equipped with a double safety device. If the heating point exceeds 140 degrees, the circuit is automatically cut off. If the temperature of the fuser exceeds 240 degrees, it automatically starts the temperature control. To prevent accidents due to water shortage and low water volume, an anti-dry warning has also been added to ensure user safety in many ways.

Finally, it weighs just 705g, the same as an iPad.

Xiaomi Scale 2

Xiaomi sells over 100,000 a month.

When it comes to weight control, many people may mistakenly think that only those who are losing weight need to pay attention to it. But in fact, the importance of weight control is not to maintain body shape but to monitor whether there are any abnormalities in the body. So you need to monitor high blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood fat and reduce the load on knee joints, ankle joints, etc. Therefore, whether you are a weight-loss person or an ordinary person, you should have a scale to keep track of your body changes.

Xiaomi’s scale is so popular among users because most common scales only have the function of weighing. Xiaomi’s scale can weigh people and small objects, even those as light as 100 grams.

What else

The Xiaomi scale can not only weigh objects as small as 100 grams, but the high-precision manganese steel sensor used in it can also measure changes as small as 50 grams. In other words, every meal and glass of water you drink can be measured. This naturally makes weight management more accurate and refined.

Xiaomi smart scale 2

Of course, precision alone is not enough to make it a star product. What makes it special is its intelligence. As well as being able to calculate the right weight for you based on your height, age, and BMI, the Xiaomi Scale can also be used in conjunction with the Mi Sports app to record your weighing data each time and display weight changes in numbers or graphs. It also allows you to create fitness plans and diet adjustments based on BMI data.

The intelligence doesn’t stop there, as the Xiaomi Scale can support up to 16 people and visitors using it together. When used by the whole family, the scale can automatically identify family members based on their bodies. When used by a visitor, the host can set the scale to visitor mode.

At the same time, the Xiaomi scale also has a feature rarely seen in general scales – the balance ability test. Balance is the basic ability of physical activity. Therefore, improving balance ability can reduce the risk of falling and joint injuries. Users can test their balance by standing on the scale with one foot to see if they need to strengthen their balance.

Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T300

It’s the sixth best-selling smart home appliance in Xiaomi’s range. It’s also the cheapest entry-level electric toothbrush.

Compared to popular consumer electronics such as smartphones and home appliances, Xiaomi’s personal care products are rarely mentioned. In fact, the brand offers a range of affordable and practical products that are well worth buying, such as this Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush. It comes in at number 6 and costs less than 200 yuan ($29).

The Mijia T300 Sonic Electric Toothbrush uses a sonic motor developed by German and Japanese experts. The vibration frequency can reach 31,000 times per minute. This means it can completely remove stubborn stains between teeth. In addition, the brush head is specially designed and the bristles can maintain a stable swing of 10 degrees. This allows the water and toothpaste foam in the mouth to create an impulsive force to rinse the fine crevices of the teeth and remove all plaque.

Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T300

In terms of bristle material, the T300 uses DuPont bristles from the United States with antibacterial capability. The number of bristles is about 40% higher than that of ordinary toothbrushes, and the entire brush head is curved. The bristles in the middle are slightly raised. This allows the brush to get closer to gums and interdental spaces for better cleaning. The underside of the brush head has no copper plate to avoid any hidden dangers to the oral cavity.

The sonic toothbrush has two modes of use – “standard mode” and “gentle mode.” You can switch between them with a single click.

The toothbrush also has a memory function. It can automatically record the cleaning mode used by the user. So there is no need to set the desired mode for the next use manually.

The toothbrush uses Type C charging. It takes just four hours to charge fully. It can then be used for approximately 25 days.

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