Enchen Blackstone Plus electric shaver review: Ideal 8W trimmer for outdoor use!

April 10, 2023


  • 8W high-power motor
  • 600mAh battery with 90min endurance
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • 3D independent floating heads


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Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Trimmer

Enchen has wonderful electric appliances in its portfolio. In the zone of electric shaving machines, the brand has already earned a good reputation with convenient products. After registering positive reviews against the earlier-launched Enchen Blackstone, the company has just introduced its enhanced version, dubbed Enchen Blackstone Plus. This guide is all about mentioning the details of the later electric trimmer. It will give readers an informed idea before making the final purchase decision. Make sure you scan the piece until the end to acquire valuable insights!

The Enchen Blackstone Plus electric shaver can be a revolutionary development in its product segment. It is an upgraded version with lots of improvements in terms of design and technical features. The portable trimming device comes with an 8W-rated power and an ergonomic fuselage design. Users will enjoy an intelligent anti-pressure beard-cutting experience and ECM advanced technology. Also, the machine reflects an IPX7 full waterproof body, a 600mAh battery, 3 independent floating heads, 50dB lower noise operations, and a black-silver color combination.


Enchen Blackstone Plus electric Shaver

The look and build of the electric shaver allure the eyes to a big extent. The manufacturer has followed advanced development protocols while designing and assembling the machine. It is a waterproof integration with an IPX7 waterproof certification to let users wash it under direct tap water. The physical construction of the shaver is pretty attractive and durable. It appears glossy and exquisite overall with the implementation of the sturdy ABS shell material. It weighs only 320g.

The portable, minimalistic and lightweight design is fascinating!

Further, the head cover executes high-performance PC injection to increment the shaving experience of users. It shows brilliant aesthetics and minimalistic design to be a perfect unit for outdoor usage. Men will see a slim and portable body with exceptional gripping. On the front, one can notice a unique design pattern that further exhibits the dual-color combination. There is a group of three blade heads on the top embedded along with a double-ring knife net. Certainly, the presentation of the silver and black color combination makes the machine look more stylish and exquisite in the portable build.


Enchen Blackstone Plus

Customers always prefer to buy electric appliances with efficient power but low-noise operations. There are several numbers of electric trimmer makers in the market. They all claim their products to be enriched with high-power profiles and quieter performance. Enchen justifies its statement by offering ultra-quiet products with impressive power ratings.

Powerful power rating & quieter operations improve delight!

Therefore, the electric trimmer comes loaded with a sophisticated ESM intelligent shaving system. It will trigger the device to expel the 8W power to its fullest mode. Ultimately, users will enjoy a faster, more efficient and smoother shaving experience. At the same time, the trimmer will operate pretty quietly at 50 dB. This rating is far below the set IEC international standards (75dB). There will be no disturbance to the family’s fun and entertainment. It also features intelligent beard capping protection. It keeps the trimmer’s head constantly rotating at lower power.


Enchen Blackstone Plus

Indubitably, the battery backup of any rechargeable appliance matters a lot. The Chinese brand Enchen realizes this thing deeply and endeavors to deliver products with good power and autonomy. Therefore, the power zone of the latest electric trimmer encompasses a powerful battery to support power requirements.

Larger battery life will stimulate outdoor usage!

In the power corridor, it configures a 600mAh battery. Individuals will have to charge the device for 60 minutes before enjoying a backup of 90 minutes in a no-load state. However, it can serve users for 3 months according to 1-minute usage every day.



The organs with the topmost significance are, of course, the trimmer’s blades. Similar to its previous version, the latest trimmer also acknowledges a 3D independent floating head mechanism. It promises to offer smooth shaving without dead ends. Men will find a package of 3 independent floating heads that provide 1/3 more shaving area. Also, it can adapt to different facial contours to be a true companion. The shaver will move easily on the cheeks, chin and lips to avoid repeat shaving.

Double-ring knife net is nice to see with independent floating heads!

Moreover, the intelligent anti-pinch beard mechanism will keep the rotation speed constant at low power. Eventually, it will prevent the embarrassment of low-speed whisker clamping. Incredibly, the trimmer has a double-ring knife net profile as well as an automatic blade-grinding ability to bring more satisfaction.


What if your electric trimmer has no issue during washing? A similar is the case with Enchen’s new inauguration. Numerous brands reveal electric appliances in the market with waterproof capabilities. The Enchen Blackstone Plus also acknowledges the same talent to add more flexibility.

A waterproof body is simply a superior perk!

The new trimmer is washable since it gains the certification with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Hence, men will have no hesitation while washing the electric shaver to keep it hygienic.


Needless to say, the latest Enchen Blackstone Plus trimmer is pretty innovative in several aspects. It retains the minimalistic design and durable ABS-made physique. Men will have a good shaving experience thanks to three sets of independent floating heads. The double-ring design with milled mesh improves the overall efficiency. An IPX7 waterproof body is free to wash to keep hygiene, while a 600mAh battery will trigger up to 90min working life. All in all, the electric trimmer is likely to get an edge over its competitors across all departments. It can be a suitable pick, especially for outdoor usage scenarios.

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  • High-quality ABS build is ergonomic and stylish in portable, durable construction and lightweight design.
  • 8W-rated power ...
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