Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver

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Product is rated as #7 in category Health & Beauty
  • High-quality ABS build is ergonomic and stylish in portable and durable construction and lightweight design
  • 8W-rated power triggers safer, more efficient, and faster shaving operations at ultra-quiet (50dB) noise production
  • Independent 3D floating heads are sharper and more intelligent, along with an anti-pinch beard function
  • High-capacity battery brings good endurance to generate 90min operations on a single (60min) charge
  • IPX7 waterproof rating ensures good protection against splashes and other watery conditions for more enhanced freedom
  • The automatic blade-grinding module supports the auto-grinding of blades when the shaver is opened to keep them sharp and durable

Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver is an upgraded version of the previous generation device with lots of improvements. It is a portable trimming machine with 8W-rated power and an ergonomic fuselage design. The electric appliance comes with ECM advanced technology, a black-silver color combination, an IPX7 full-body waterproof assembly, and efficient battery life. The following are more details!

Appearance and Build

The physical build of the device is pretty attractive and durable, thanks to the sturdy ABS shell material. The head cover of the machine utilizes high-performance PC injection to perfect the shaving exposure of users. You will witness a slim and portable physique that offers great gripping with the hands. A trio of blade heads is on the top with a double-ring knife net. The implementation of silver and black color schemes makes the machine look more stylish and exquisite. Well, the ENCHEN electric shaver has an IPX7 waterproof certification, and it weighs only 320g.


In terms of power and performance, the electric trimmer adopts a sophisticated ESM intelligent shaving system. It will facilitate the device to show the 8W power to its fullest mode to ensure a faster, more efficient, and smoother shaving experience. Further, the operations will be ultra-quiet at 50dB, which is far below the set IEC international standards (75dB).


The electric trimmer features a 3D independent floating head mechanism to offer smooth shaving without dead ends. It is a package of three independent floating heads that provide 1/3 more shaving area, and it can adapt to different facial contours. It will move easily on the cheeks, chin, and lips, and you don’t need to shave again and again. Also, the intelligent anti-pinch beard will keep the rotation speed constant at low power and prevent the embarrassment of low-speed whisker clamping. It has a double-ring knife net and automatic blade-grinding ability.


The powerhouse of the Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver encompasses a powerful battery to support power requirements. You will have to charge the machine for 60 minutes to get a backup of 90 minutes in a no-load state. It will last 3 months if used for 1 minute every day.


Also, the trimmer is washable confidently since it demonstrates the IPX7 waterproof rating. Men will have no stress while washing the machine to keep it neat and clean after using it.

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Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver
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Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver is ideal for outdoor use with a portable & lightweight physique, powerful motor, good battery endurance, and waterproof body.
  • Powerful 8W operational power
  • Independent 3D floating heads
  • Good battery (3-month) life
  • IPX7 waterproof body
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Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver
Enchen Blackstone Plus Electric Shaver

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