BlitzHome BH-AP2501 Air Purifier review: Great functionality in multiple scenarios!

April 10, 2023


  • Efficient 3-filtration system
  • LED touch display panel
  • Voice & App Control
  • Durable and portable cylindrical design
  • 500ft2 (CADR: 280m3/h) area coverage


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BlitzHome BH-AP2501 Smart Air Purifier

Air pollution is among the biggest concerns in today’s era. It continues to remain in the ‘very poor’ or ‘severe’ category and people are advised to stay indoors and rely on their air purifiers. There are plenty of budgets and premium air purifiers on sale in the market. They offer superb functionality and design that blends into room aesthetics as well. The BlitzHome BH-AP2501 air purifier can be considered to lead its counterparts in terms of design, functions and output. This guide will let you undergo a detailed review of the air-cleaning machine to help you find the best pick. Let’s hop right in!

BlitzHome has been involved for years in the home appliances domain and introduces high-rated products at reasonable prices. The latest BH-AP2501 Air Purifier can be seen as a worthful invention with top-notch configurations on the list. It is a portable air purifier that comes with a minimalistic physique and a 3-stage H13 true HEPA filtration system. Further, it features 30W-rated power, a touch control LED panel, and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can note the machine covers a space of up to 500 square-foot with 360-degree air intake and up to 99.99% filtration accuracy.


BlitzHome BH-AP2501 Air Purifier

When it comes to exploring the markets to buy an air purifier, the physical design and external look are two important factors for many users. They come with the space parameters in mind they have at the location and hunt for suitable products to fit their needs accordingly. Most air purifiers adopt a super compact physique to occupy lesser space in the room. Something like that is the case with the new air cleaner by BlitzHome.

While analyzing the air purifier in terms of design and build quality, it is really surprising and attractive. It is a portable machine with a superior build and good design aesthetics. Externally, it looks like a cylindrical device with a minimalistic construction. The 360-degree air intake design is simply fabulous to see in two body shades. The lower panel is a 360-degree grill to inhale the air, while the upper part is a glossy surface with a circular touch panel and the brand name.

The portable air cleaner is impressive to see in a cylindrical shape!

On the top, you can notice another integrated panel to release the air. The manufacturer has implemented the best quality and durable materials to assemble the body. It looks stylish in the white-color paint that will fit your home décor impeccably. The physical measurement of the air purifier is 245x245x366mm, and it shows 3.66kg on the weighing scale.


3layer filtration system

Various air-purifying systems in the market come with tough and competent filters inside to deal with all situations. They show the dexterity to remove several sorts of viruses and dust to provide high-quality air to breathe in. Further, these machines can integrate a single or multi-layer filter to do the assigned duty proficiently. This is the foremost characteristic to note while investing in such a device.

In the case of the BlitzHome BH-AP2501, it acknowledges a 3-stage filtration system to be more efficient and result-driven. It exhibits a pre-filter, H13 true HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. Combinedly, the amalgamation will be able to filter out several types of dust particles, i.e., pet fur, pollen, smoke particles, mold spores, bacteria, odors, fumes, dust mites, etc.

3-level filtration produces matchless results!

To be more significantly, the high-efficiency activated carbon filter comes with the potential to neutralize odors, wildfire and cooking smoke. The air purifier can clean space up to 500 ft2 (CADR: 280m3/h). Hence, the machine is incredibly suitable for an office, a bedroom, an RV, a living room, a kitchen, etc., to witness the best-quality breathing.


Led touch display

What if you are eligible to monitor your air purifier’s performance in real-time? It triggers an additional layer of excitement for users by displaying the air quality and other valuable information on the go. Thankfully, the latest BlitzHome follows the same strategy to bring more delight and comfort.

LED touch display collects more joy and comfort!

Buyers will come across a circular LED touch panel mechanism on the front of the air-purifying machine. It is specially intended to reflect the air quality display, function chart display, filter clear key, WIFI button, timer button, power button, and PM2.5 numerical display. Meanwhile, individuals will monitor the air quality through three categories – Good (PM2.5=0-100) blue, General (PM2.5=101-150) orange, and Difference (PM2.5>150) red. It will make things effortless and meaningful across multiple scenarios.


3-stage hepa filtration

Controlling can be another crucial chapter of discussion for numerous individuals. Smart home gadgets often come with a slew of modules for controlling purposes. The BlitzHome BH-AP2501 air purifier acknowledges some modern controlling facilities as well.

Controlling through voice and the app is effortless!

While operating the BlitzHome air cleaner, you will have two potent channels to control the machine. You can do the task via app control or voice (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) commands.


Having an air purifier in the home/office is good for dealing with inferior-quality air. It is a highly-potent tool that comes with multiple advanced filters and other technical highlights to deliver desired results. The latest BlitzHome BH-AP2501 looks at par with a blend of attractive design and sound configurations. The portable and minimalistic design can be placed anywhere in the room to start the process. The most advanced H13 True HEPA Filter is the key quality of the machine, along with a touch display on the front. Also, the high-efficiency three-filtration system will remove dust, pet fur, odor, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, etc. Overall, the portable air purifier appears valuable in the given price bracket.

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