OnePlus Pad leaked: It comes on February 7

January 26, 2023

OnePlus will host a new product launch conference in India on February 7. At this event, the company is going to uncover the OnePlus 11 flagship product for the local market. Other than that, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 wireless headset and the OnePlus 11R smartphone will attend the stage as well. If nothing accidental happens, the company will bring its first keyboard and a new 65-inch OnePlus TV to the stage too. Today, the whistleblower Abhishek Yadav reported that the OnePlus Pad tablet would also be released on this date.

OnePlus Pad specs

The specifications of the OnePlus Pad are expected to be similar to those of the OPPO Pad or OPPO Pad Air. As you know, these two became one at the end of December last year. At the same time, OPPO announced that it would invest heavily in OnePlus to help that latter develop in the future.

OnePlus Pad

Well, as for the OPPO Pad, it came with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chip, LPDDR4X memory, and UFS3.1 flash storage. On the front, it has an 11-inch 2560×1600 resolution LCD screen. The latter supports a 120Hz high refresh rate, HDR10, and P3 wide color gamut. Also, this screen boasts 480 nits of brightness and has a 2048-level smart backlight. The built-in 8360mAh battery supports 33W fast charging. The rear camera (f/2.2) has a 13MP resolution and supports autofocus.

The OnePlus Pad is expected to use a Snapdragon 865 processor, 6GB of memory, and 256GB of storage. The 12.4-inch Full HD+ OLED display will support a refresh rate of 120Hz. It will also have a side fingerprint recognition scanner, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and Bluetooth 5.1 chip. In addition, it will also have a built-in 10,900mAh large battery with 45W fast charging support. The tablet will run the Android 12L system.

The official posters show that the tablet uses a green back cover, and the single rear camera adopts a special centered design.

OnePlus Pad OnePlus Pad

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