OnePlus Pad is in the tests

January 8, 2023

After giving management of the brand to OPPO, OnePlus has completely revised its philosophy and strategy. Now, besides premium smartphones, the company also designs many other products for different categories. It has already managed to launch smartwatches, TVs, and headphones. Now, it’s the turn of a tablet. It turns out OnePlus is preparing for the presentation of a new Android tablet. The device was codenamed “Aries” and has already fallen into the hands of private testers cooperating with the manufacturer for preliminary tests in order to identify defects, bugs, and shortcomings.

OnePlus Pad features

The development of the large-screen tablet PC began shortly after the company obtained the right to use the OnePlus Pad trademark, which was filed by the brand about a year ago.

Previously, we have heard that the development of a tablet by the company was in the works. It was held in OnePlus internal documents under the symbolic designation “Reeves.” At the moment, it is not entirely clear whether the “Aries” and “Reeves” are versions of the same tablet, or whether we are talking about radically different models.

India has been chosen as the venue for private testing. Testing is already in full swing. We guess the new tablet will get a commercial name, OnePlus Tab or OnePlus Pad. At the moment, we still have no information about when the tests will end, how much it will cost, and when it’s scheduled to hit the market.

OnePlus Pad

When creating a tablet PC, OnePlus take into consideration competing products from Xiaomi, VIVO, Realme, and OPPO. They all know how to make large-screen tablets.

So there is every reason to think that the OnePlus model might receive similar specs and be priced identically to the OPPO Pad Air tablet presented in India recently. The Oppo model is offered in the world’s second-largest country for less than ₹20,000 ($243). For this money, users received an IPS LCD 7.1 screen, a 7100 mAh battery, and the SD680 processor from Qualcomm.


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