Samsung is working on a folding screen smartphone that can rotate 360 degrees

January 22, 2023

Currently, foldable smartphones are becoming more and more popular. A few years ago, the main players in the folding screen smartphones were Huawei and Samsung only. After the sanctions imposed on Huawei, the company lost its position, giving way to Samsung. Although other brands like Motorola, Honor, Xiaomi, or OPPO have similar phones in their arsenal, they are still not as consistent as Samsung. A recent report from The Verge suggests that the South Korean manufacturer is working on a new display that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

New folding screen smartphone is on the way

Samsung folding screen smartphone

Samsung Display showed off a new prototype display and hinge at CES 2023. The “Flex In & Out” display can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This means that a foldable mobile phone with such a display can be folded inwards and outwards.

Additionally, the display uses a different hinge design that is said to result in less noticeable creases. This is because the hinge allows the display to take a looser shape, like a drop of water, when folded inward. It will also put less pressure on the display. We have to recall that the rival companies have drop-shaped hinges with less noticeable folds.

This is not the first time that the company has demonstrated the Flex In & Out prototype with a universal foldable design. In 2021, there were reports of a “Flex In & Out” display at IMID in Korea. However, the approach was different: the display had an “S”-look with divided sections. By the way, the Galaxy Fold 4 still uses an inward-folding display. Thus, it just was the next move, nothing extraordinary.

We shouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing the Galaxy Fold 5 sporting this display. Once it happens, Samsung will see no competitors and beat all on the market.

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