Xiaomi released new Mijia insulated pot at 129 yuan ($19)

January 18, 2023

Earlier today, Xiaomi released a Mijia insulated pot with a large capacity of 1.8 liters and a price of 129 yuan ($19).

Mijia insulated pot specs

This thermos supports long-term heat preservation and cold storage. It can keep warm at 75°C for 6 hours and keep cold at 9°C for 6 hours. It has a multi-layer temperature lock design, which reduces heat loss.

Mijia insulated pot

The Mijia thermal pot adopts a grooved design on the top cover. You can open the cover by gently pinching it with two fingers to prevent accidental touch.

The inner tank is made of 316L stainless steel, which is more stable in high-temperature resistance. At the same time, the inner wall is made of an electrolytic process, which is easier to clean.

In terms of safety, you have to open the lid of this thermos pot and press the button to pour water. It will open the pressure relief valve to quickly eliminate the negative pressure in the pot and prevent hot water from splashing.

Other than that, the 71mm large-diameter spout is designed to facilitate deep scrubbing with one hand and reduce dirt.

Mijia insulated pot

In addition, the Mijia insulated pot uses a one-piece handle, a built-in water level line, and a silicone floor mat on the bottom of the pot. It is more stable and has a non-slip feature.

For many readers, this thermos might be surprising because they could have known Xiaomi as a smartphone maker. But this company has a number of products in more than 600 categories. Among them, we can find not only insulated pots but also smart water kettles. We mean that this company knows how to make good products. And this statement is also true for products from this category. At the same time, all Xiaomi products cost much less than rivals.

Mijia insulated pot

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