Xiaomi Smart Kettle 2 Pro review: Designed for 24-hour heat preservation!

January 9, 2023


  • 1.7L liquid storage capacity
  • 24-hour constant heat preservation
  • Dual Purified & Tap Water modes
  • Smart Mijia App control
  • LED display panel


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Mijia Kettle 2 Pro

The leading Chinese technology brand Xiaomi never misses a chance to introduce innovative products through its ecosystem. The latest device to join the portfolio belongs to the electric kitchen appliances’ segment. It is the highly prestigious smart Kettle 2 Pro to trigger revolutionary thoughts and improves heating solutions for communities. The portable equipment is superbly loaded with high-end specifications to transform the way people use to keep liquids hotter for a long time. This is an in-depth analysis of the smart kettle to disclose its various prominent highlights to help buyers conclude the most relevant decision.

Needless to say, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Kettle 2 Pro is a special creation in plenty of ways. It is an innovative invention with numerous improvements over its predecessor Xiaomi Mijia Smart Kettle 2. The most considerable thing about the unit is its ability to trigger temperature to within 1-degree accuracy. Further, it demonstrates glossy and efficient stamina in terms of look and performance. Users will enjoy excellent heating processes to heat different liquids as per your unique requirements. It exhibits 1800W fast heating, a stepless temperature-adjustment knob, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, an inbuilt LED display, etc.


Xiaomi MIjia Kettle 2 Pro

When it comes to discovering markets for smart electric gadgets, the keynote we consider is the external view of the product. The build quality also impacts the buying decision, however. The review guide will elaborate on the physical design and construction first to convey a precise idea to users before they finalize the mood.

In terms of physical construction and appearance, the smart kettle will certainly woo visitors successfully, thanks to its magnificent build qualities. The unique jar adopts a sleek and straightforward design in the ultra-portable body. The pure white design is remarkably enhanced by the manufacturer using high-grade 304 stainless-steel materials and builds profiles. It will be versatile for households to improve their decoration in line with awesome aesthetics.

A portable physique is lucrative in white color aesthetics!

Furthermore, the smart kettle encompasses an intermediate insulation layer for intended purposes. It further unites inner and outer layers together to magnify the heat preservation time to 24 hours. On the back side, the vertical-shaped jar shows a handle and a little curve on the opposite edge to release the liquid. The scintillating aspect to notice is the bottom panel of the kettle. It combines a larger surface to bear a circular rotatable knob with an inbuilt LED display for temperature adjustment. Measuring physically, the smart kettle measures 242x155mm. The weight of the portable smart kettle is 1.24kg.


LED Integrated panel

Having a display is a great perk in itself. It is an additional dividend to elevate users’ overall experience and satisfaction. Most of Xiaomi’s smart electric products are successful in conquering a display panel to look more innovative and of an advanced era.

Integrated LED panel is fabulous and stylish!

In the case of the smart kettle 2 Pro, you will also have the occasion to celebrate once again. The portable jar features a circular-shaped and stepless dial on the base of the kettle. To be more stylish, this knob comprises an LED display panel along with an LED smart light ring at the bottom. It will permit people to adjust the temperature as per needs by rotating the knob clockwise.


Smart Mijia App control

Controlling configurations of the smart kettle is something closer to the heart with the incorporation of advanced protocols. Xiaomi never compromises upon any segment to lead the competition across all corners.

Smart app control suits different situations!

In terms of controlling mechanisms, users will have access to a dedicated Mijia App to start with. Additionally, the jar supports a physical knob, as defined earlier. Using the app, individuals can adjust different settings to set the temperature or select the mode via the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi technology.


Xiaomi MIjia Kettle 2 Pro

One of the cool features of the smart kettle is that it comes with some dedicated modes to operate with. Several intelligent water heating options will incite your experience with the jar.

Dual functional modes bring solace and peace of mind!

Users will find the kettle appears with dual working modes to pacify the different needs of users. It provides the authority to customers to switch between the Purified Water Mode and Tap Water Mode to boil and purify the water. Also, the immediate insulation layer solidifies the safety prospect in addition to triple power protections.


Xiaomi MIjia Kettle 2 Pro

The liquid storage capacity is a critical thing to confabulate, given the competition in the market. Good storage capability can eliminate the trouble of frequent water addition and collect great peace of mind.

Good water storage capacity is an additional dividend!

With regard to the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Kettle 2 Pro, one can preserve up to 1.7 liters of liquid in the container. It will keep a constant temperature for up to 24 hours to meet the intended purpose.


Indubitably, the latest Xiaomi Mijia smart kettle 2 Pro can be a worthful option if you are looking for an affordable electric kettle. It is a good composition of design and specs to be a solid solution for versatile heating requirements. The Chinese manufacturer has always stressed supporting clients with top-notch solutions in every individual product segment. Therefore, the smart kettle is another reflection of excellence and precision with 1800W -rated power, 1.7L storage capacity, Mijia app support, dual (tap water and pure water) modes, and safety parameters. It can preserve hot water for 24 hours at a constant temperature.

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  • High-quality 304 stainless-steel material triggers superior build quality with a wider base and lightweight physique.
  • A ...
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