Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ dual-brush wireless mopping machine review: Dedicated mopping with double-brush integration!

January 13, 2023


  • 35-minute battery life
  • 200ml sewage tank
  • Unique double-brush design
  • Lightweight and portable physique


  • No vacuuming and sweeping

Xiaomi MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Mopping Machine

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is a renowned technology brand in the global market. It is well-known for bringing innovative products to make people’s lives easier. In the domain of smart cleaning products, the enterprise has a reputed status with a larger pool of developments. In addition to the smart vacuum robots, it also exhibits handheld vacuum cleaners for global clients. This time we have a unique product from Xiaomi’s portfolio dubbed Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ dual-brush wireless mopping machine. This review guide will go through its various features, configurations and technicalities for a detailed analysis.

The dual-brush mopping machine is a dedicated integration with the mopping-only functionality. It is a handheld cleaning tool with a unique dual-brush and frameless design. It works impressively with spray cleaning in real-time to remove dirt and stains. The front brush washes the dirt using the spray cleaning procedure. Also, the unit integrates another brush featured at the back panel. It pledges to wipe the stains and improve overall cleaning efficiency. At the same time, users will also have the provision to deform the front roller brush when it comes to cleaning the floor edges.


Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ dual-brush wireless mopping machine

Indubitably, the design and physical assembly always matter in any electronic gadget. When it comes to smart cleaning solutions, handheld devices have attracted the attention vigorously across global customers. These sorts of products are more convenient and reliable apart from being space-saving and portable.

While considering the physical build of Xiaomi’s latest mopping machine, it is, indeed, good-looking and fascinating. The machine offers a portable and exquisite design in vertical construction. The manufacturer has implemented high-grade plastic and metal materials to create a solid frameless design. The portable cleaner can adopt a lay-flat state to be more flexible in cleaning areas underneath the bed, sofa, etc. Also, users can rotate the tool up to 90 degrees to meet versatile cleaning requirements.

Flexible physique looks charging with the dual-brush frameless design!

What makes the floor cleaner and more vibrant is the integration of dual brushes. The lower panel of the device combines the innovative dual-brush design that is intended to perform different functions. Further, the frameless structure is unique that helps the machine look different from the competition. It acknowledges a handle with comfortable gripping that is slightly tilted. Also, there is a button to manage functions.


Unique-brush design

As mentioned above, this is the apartment that makes the vacuum cleaner look unique and appealing. Xiaomi never hesitates to introduce new kinds of innovation to grab new customers or retain old ones. Usually, handheld cleaners come with sweeping and mopping tasks. But the latest development adopts a distinct design profile using dual-brush integration.

It is a fascinating and attractive development introduced in the market ever. The mopping machine certifies a pair of brushes at the bottom; both are tasked for different purposes. The front brush uses a frameless design and can be seen from the front side. However, the backside brush is integrated under the plastic panel to wipe the stains on the back.

What are the uses and applications of both brushes? Well, the front side brush promises to wash the dirt in the front. More significantly, the front brush also manages the washing near the edge between the floor and the wall by adopting a deforming shape. Similarly, the brush at the back takes the responsibility of wiping the stains in the back to ensure a comprehensive cleaning experience.

The dual-brush mechanism is unique and astounding!

Furthermore, the machine can also attain a lay-flat state to clean difficult spaces and corners under the bed, sofa, etc. It will make itself 13cm in thickness to manage difficult operations successfully. The mopping machine can support up to 90-degree up and down rotation in this stance.


Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ dual-brush wireless mopping machine

The power storage capabilities of the cleaning equipment can be notable on the sheet. Xiaomi strives innovatively to introduce rechargeable products with good battery capacity. The in-hand device also demonstrates the reliable potential to store enough power for seamless operations.

The rechargeable battery will offer good endurance!

Well, the power sector of the floor cleaner encompasses a good-capacity battery inside. It is most likely to deliver impressive working life to last for up to 35 minutes per charge.


200ML Sewage tank

Like other cleaning counterparts, the Xiaomi Mijia dual-brush mopping machine also carries two tanks. These are separate containers for dust and water. But here is a slight trick! The machine unites dual tanks to collect water.

Dual tanks make cleaning tools more efficient and result-oriented!

The portable mop machine boasts an inbuilt 200ML sewage tank to attend to the assigned duty. Meanwhile, users will come across a 420ML water purification tank as well. Moreover, the mopping tool will stop working automatically after witnessing high dirtiness and an empty water tank. Incredibly, people will also listen to a buzzer sound that is tasked to remind them to clean up in time.


Wrapping up the discussion, Xiaomi’s latest dual brush mopping machine conquers the superior level of prestige with high-end configurations. It is a unique assembly in itself due to its sole responsibility of handling mopping operations only. The machine supports real-time spray cleaning, self-driving traction force, frameless design, adjustable lay-flat physique (13cm), 200ML sewage tank and 420ML water purification tank. Moreover, users will witness satisfied results to some extent with the 35-minute battery endurance. Concluding all prospects, the wireless cleaning tool seems to be an ideal choice if you’re looking for an efficient mopping solution.

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