Xiaomi MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine

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Product is rated as #6 in category Cleaning Appliances
  • High-grade metal & plastic build looks awesome and durable in innovative dual-brush design and lightweight physique
  • Mopping machine integrates dual brushes to bring efficient cleaning and mopping results with lesser efforts
  • Inbuilt 200ML sewage and 420ML water purification tank will accommodate mopping functions mor efficiently
  • Powerful and high-capacity inbuilt battery will support operations for up to 35 minutes on every charge
  • It will cover difficult spaces under bed and sofa using lay-flat state with 13mm thickness
  • Vacuum cleaner will stop automatically when water tank is empty and emits buzzer sound to remind you about cleaning

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine is a handheld mopping device with a unique dual-brush design. It offers spray cleaning in real-time while the front brush washes the dirt. There is also another brush featured at the back panel to wipe the stains and elevate the cleaning efficiency. You can deform the front roller brush to take the shape of wall edges.

Build & Design

The physical build of the mopping system offers a portable and sleek design in the vertical construction. It utilizes high-grade plastic and metal materials to trigger durable and solid aesthetics. The lower panel combines the innovative dual-brush design and shows a frameless structure to stand out from the crowd. On the top, you can see a handle with comfortable gripping and a button. The Xiaomi cleaner can adopt a lay-flat state to clean areas underneath the bed, sofa, etc. You can rotate the system up to 90 degrees to meet versatile cleaning requirements.


It is a unique kind of development in the market with an attractive adjustment of brushes. The mopping machine unites a pair of brushes at the bottom. The front brush shows a frameless design, while the backside brush is half-hidden in the plastic panel.

Further, the front side brush is tasked to clean the edge between the floor and the wall by achieving a deforming shape. Similarly, the machine can be adjusted to a lay-flat state before cleaning difficult spaces and corners like under the bed, sofa, etc. It will measure 13mm in thickness. Also, users can use the machine in this stance with support up to 90-degree up and down rotation.


Well, the power circuit of the Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine encompasses a good-capacity battery inside. It promises to deliver impressive endurance to last for up to 35 minutes after every single charge.


Furthermore, the portable mopping vacuum cleaner boasts an inbuilt 200ML sewage tank as well as a 420ML water purification tank. More significantly, the machine will stop working automatically after witnessing high dirtiness and an empty water tank. You will also listen to a buzzer sound that will remind you to clean up in time.

9.5Expert Score
Xiaomi Mijia MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine is efficient for floor cleaning with an innovative dual-brush design, good battery capacity, and dual tanks.
  • Innovative dual-brush design
  • Inbuilt 200ML sewage & 420ML water purification tank
  • Up to 35min battery capacity
  • No dustbin

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Xiaomi MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine
Xiaomi MJXCYTJ Dual-Brush Wireless Mopping Machine

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