Redmi Note series sold over 300 million units worldwide

December 7, 2022

All major smartphone brands run a dual-brand strategy. Simply put, they have one brand that fights in the top-end segment and another that struggles in the low-to-mid-end segment. For Xiaomi, the Redmi brand took responsibility on it for the second goal. The first Redmi smartphone was released in 2013. And today, the company issued a statement saying that they managed to sell over 300 million Redmi Note phones during these years.

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Though the Redmi brand was released in July 2013, in 2019, Xiaomi freed it. The independent brand made some adjustments to its strategy and launched several lineups of smartphones, such as the K-series. However, unlike Honor, which has nothing in common with Huawei anymore, the Redmi brand is under Xiaomi’s control and management. This also means that the sales generated by Redmi will be added to the piggy bank of Xiaomi.

Redmi Note

Due to such a strategy, Xiaomi + Redmi ranked third in the world. Of course, we should keep in mind Lei Jun’s words that Xiaomi aims to become the world’s first smartphone maker. To reach this goal, Xiaomi’s Mi series and Redmi should work hard. It seems the latter is really doing well.

Redmi Note is really doing well

As said, the cumulative global shipments of Redmi Note series smartphones exceeded 300 million units in eight years. Last year, the brand sold more than 240 million Redmi Note smartphones worldwide. Thus, another 60 million units of Redmi Note models were sold in a single year.

A day earlier, Xiaomi also revealed that since the Note 4G smartphone launch in 2014, shipments of the Redmi Note series of phones in India had reached 72 million units. So we can say that the Note smartphones are popular in China and overseas.

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