OnePlus to release a mechanical keyboard soon

December 7, 2022

OnePlus was a brand specialized in making premium smartphones only. But it’s impossible to pass a long distance with only one product. To somehow survive, OnePlus began making mid-range smartphones, some wearables, TVs, etc. Such an approach didn’t help the company to stay afloat. So it was merged with OPPO, which has a better and older management structure. This also means that OnePlus should “prove” OPPO that it is a valuable partner. For this purpose, it has begun thinking of products in other niches. One of them will be a mechanical keyboard.

What do we know about the first mechanical keyboard by OnePlus?

Today, OnePlus stated that it had been cooperating with the keyboard brand Keychron for several months, and as a result, it will release the company’s first mechanical keyboard on December 15.

The project will be part of “OnePlus Featuring,” a platform where users can vote for new products they want, and the most popular project is this new keyboard.

As said, it would be OnePlus’ first mechanical keyboard, with a mechanical key switch design and the ability to customize the keys. Though the product will be unleashed in a week or so, the keyboard will be available globally in early 2023. Unfortunately, this is all we know about the keyboard.

OnePlus mechanical keyboard

[Keychron is a Hong Kong-based mechanical keyboard brand established in 2017. It has a group of keyboard enthusiasts with rich experience in keyboard manufacturing. It has launched a variety of products with prices ranging from several hundred yuan.]

In addition, OnePlus also announced that it would launch two monitors. Thus, this brand is switching from the smartphone niche to the PC industry. So there is every reason to think it intends to build a hardware ecosystem like Xiaomi.

According to the latest reports, OnePlus grew 43.8% and 104.6%, respectively, in the Asia-Pacific region and India in the first three quarters of 2022. The company said it has 30 million members of the Red Cable Club, which provides some exclusive services, including free cloud computing storage, extended warranty, and more.

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