Dreame L10s Ultra Vacuum Cleaner review: Upper class device with self-cleaning mop

December 8, 2022


  • 5200mAh long-lasting battery
  • 5300Pa powerful suction power
  • Excellent control through voice control
  • Smart LIDAR system for navigation


  • Did not find

Dreame L10s Ultra

Robotic vacuums are designed to clean your floors autonomously, saving you time as well as effort. Dreame wants to make things much more self-cleaning and auto-emptying mechanisms. The robotic vacuum can clean its mop pads, empty its dustbin, and replenish itself with detergent and clean water.  One of the most technologically advanced products in this category on the market is the Dreame L10s ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner. With its powerful suction and two spinning brushes, it can now clean and mop your floor at the same time. Additionally, it has excellent navigation,  a powerful 5200mAh battery, and an auto-emptying system. It also has intelligent obstacle detection.

A creative business with the mission to improve the life quality of worldwide users, Dream Technology was founded in 2015. Utilizing astrodynamics technologies, the company concentrates on premium cleaning appliances. Recently, the company launched a new robot vacuum cleaner, Dreame L10s ultra. The device is brilliant for excellent home cleaning with a powerful battery and suction power, a smart navigation system, wireless control, and a stylish design.


Dreame L10s Ultra Vacuum Cleaner

The newest Dreame machine shares a white, circular body with numerous other intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. It is made of premium ABS materials, has a single side brush, and is shiny. The cleaner is 350x350x97mm in size, including the top-mounted LIDAR system.

High-grade build quality is simply remarkable and stylish!

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner isn’t tall enough to completely clean a room because it can fit under furniture. Additionally, the device has a front-facing camera that activates navigation and increases security twofold. The 3.7kg Dreame robot vacuum cleaner is heavy.


5300Pa suction power

The intelligent robot cleaner is now an essential product to meet various cleaning needs with 5,300Pa of suction power. It will use cutting-edge technology and strong suction to collect hair, dust, dirt, and other debris. To remove household debris from rugs, the unit can automatically detect carpets and work in tandem with a powerful rubber brush. The device has two rotary mops that spin at 180 rpm when applied with firm pressure and an auto-emptying system.

Powerful suction offers improved cleaning processes!

The auto-empty system utilizes our exclusive Dualboost 2.0 system to blow air into a 3L dust bag. High-speed emptying, minimal noise, and virtually no logging. Self-emptying you to 60 days of automatic, hands-off cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag. The Dreame can lift its wiping pads automatically, unlike the Ecovacs Deebot X1. As a result, you may have both the vacuuming and wiping cycles run simultaneously rather than having to program them separately. In my apartment, the default mode was more than adequate. Here, the L10s Ultra operates at a comfortable 59 dB.


Dreame L10s Ultra Vacuum Cleaner

A strong 5200mAh battery is built into the PowerStation of the floor-cleaning apparatus. It promises to operate for approximately 210 minutes of quiet vacuuming on each charge.

A long-lasting battery is gorgeously stunning and productive!

While vacuuming and mopping are being done simultaneously, it can last up to 160 minutes. Additionally, the machine will demonstrate its endurance by cleaning a 1000-square-foot area before the next charge.


Dreame L10s Ultra Vacuum Cleaner

It’s incredible what has developed recently in robot vacuum navigation technology. Here, the Dreame L10s Ultra also does a fantastic job. Thus, it is already apparent when operating the smart household helper that it maneuvers through the apartment with great care and accuracy. This is not an accident. The Chinese company uses the RGB camera, artificial intelligence, and laser technology.

Intelligent navigation ensures greater coverage of surroundings!

Even in complete darkness, the laser navigation system, which is enshrined as a LiDAR sensor in the small turret on top, provides orientation. The L10s can detect even tiny obstacles on the ground thanks to the RGB camera on the front, which is constantly scanning the area. In the test, even little LEGO bricks could be identified and avoided. After a few drives, the AI becomes apparent.


Dreame L10s Ultra Vacuum Cleaner

Additionally, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant voice commands can be used by customers to operate the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. Additionally, you may use the specialized mobile app to adjust your cleaning tactics to the needs of your house.

Voice control is more convenient and effortless!

With voice commands, you can start, pause, or stop cleaning or watch over your house using the video control in the Dreamehome app. Your tongue’s tip and your fingers’ tips contain the power. The L10s gains speed and a deeper understanding of your apartment in this manner. The vacuum robot naturally has the customary fall sensors, which should mainly amuse homeowners who have stairs. Dreame claims that using the L10s Ultra will allow users to “set it and forget it.” I had initially avoided robots due to their heavy maintenance requirements and human upkeep, so I was eager to try the Dreamebot L10s Ultra. I have to say that it won me over after using it.


Dreame L10s Ultra is a perfect combination of popular robotic cleaning technologies, such as auto-emptying and automatic mop cleaning, working together to deliver impressive, hands-free cleaning performance. The Dreame L10s Ultra is clearly in the flagship segment in terms of features as well as pricing. The cost isn’t high by any means, though. Quite the opposite. You currently can’t get much better value for your money if you look at the countless features offered by both the base station and the robot vacuum itself. Not only the suction performance was excellent, but the wiping performance also won the test.. The Dreame L10s Ultra’s fully automated operation, made possible by the complementary suction station, also guarantees maximum convenience.

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