Eachine F-18 RC Airplane review: A fabulous development with attractive features!

December 8, 2022


  • 2627 KV4300 powerful motor
  • Gasket panel to prevent scratches
  • Tough EPO materials for durability
  • Up to 1800mAh battery


  • Lesser battery life

Eachine F-18

Without the right safety measures, flying a remote-control plane can be quite challenging as well as a lot of fun. In order to make your flight on our plane as safe as possible, we created this short manual. The Eachine F-18 RC Airplane is a good addition to their line of mini RC aircraft.

The device is ideal for beginners due to its tough and durable build, powerful motor, and good battery life. There are two different versions of the Eachine F-18 RC Airplane: KIT and PNP. with an appealing design and sturdy construction, it is excellent brand development. With a beautiful design and a sturdy body, it is an excellent product advancement by the business. The aircraft can fly for three to four minutes because of its 588mm wingspan and built-in batteries. The aircraft also features an extra remote controller that lets you control operations while you are flying at 480g.


Eachine F-18 RC Airplane

You will notice something amazing and magnificent when you examine the plane’s physical construction and external appearance. To build a sturdy and attractive body, it uses high-quality and long-lasting EPO materials. One of the most important considerations is that the airplane has detachable sections. The main body is 800mm long, with a total width of 588mm.

Tough design and build materials are attractive to see!

The fuselage is on top, while the back panel contains a vertical and horizontal stabilizer as well as dual main wings. Similarly, the bottom side of the Eachine plane is outfitted with gasket integration, which aids in the prevention of scratches during landing.


1800mAh battery

The power system on the Eachine aircraft recognizes a Li-po battery. The box for neither variant, however, contains a battery. To manage the plane’s needs, it accepts a 3S 1300mah to 1800mah battery. Long periods of flight will be no problem for users.

Good Li-Po battery for impressive performance!

Furthermore, the lightweight plane is equipped with a balance charger, which swiftly recharges the pack and allows you to resume enjoying excellent services.


Advanced Flying

In terms of motor integration, the Eachine F-18 RC Airplane looks astoundingly powerful with the addition of a 2627 KV4300 motor. Users should be aware that the manufacturer only offers the motor in the PNP configuration.

Proficient motor integration strives for better!

The specialized motor stimulates the desired degree of performance across all events to achieve a superb flight. This advancement improves the effectiveness of flying with a maximum aircraft weight of 480g. It also comes with four 9g servos, a 30A ESC, and a 50mm EDF.

Advanced Flying System

Eachine F-18 RC Airplane

As soon as you have mastered the basics of flying your plane, you can increase your skills. And there are a few things you can do. You can continue to practice small movements to control the plane smoothly and accurately. Or you can try out some stunt tricks.

Flying experience is supported with amusing stunts!

For example, the one key stunt trick that this plane is capable of. As soon as you hit the button, the plane will perform a flip so that even rookies become or maneuver with smoothness and accuracy. This way, it’s much easier to stabilize the plane after a stunt.

Top Race

Good speed

Our primary objective at Top Race is to make people happy by using remote-control vehicles. We work hard to give our consumers better products, designs, and quality in general. Our cars are loved by so many people worldwide, and we enjoy making them for our customers even more. We have led the RC vehicle design and development sector since 2010 and are constantly at the forefront of the RC hobby.

Superior RC vehicle with a good pace!

Since this hobby has been around for a very long time and the technology required may be rather pricey, many individuals wind up spending a lot of money on their first vehicle. We build because we wish to alter that.

Remote Control

Eachine F-18 RC Airplane

The Eachine F-18 RC Airplane operates exactly like a typical passenger aircraft of its size, with an aileron, elevator, and rudder. Additionally, just like a regular plane, you can direct it to where you want to take off by depressing the remote control’s built-in throttle. In this case, a 2.4 GHz radio is used, the most typical way to communicate with an RC plane. Four channels are included on the remote control, which means the following.

Wireless remote controller for distant operations!

The main rotor’s speed can be adjusted using the first channel. The second one regulates the tail rotor’s speed or pitch, the third channel regulates pitch (forward/backward cyclic), and the fourth channel is for left/right movement. Consequently, you are in.

Easy to Operate

Easy operations and control

As a result, starting with a small model and keeping things basic at first is a really good approach to getting into the RC hobby. Simply to gradually understand all about it This aircraft is the ideal choice because it is ready to fly and simple to fly. There will come a moment if you follow this strategy when you can consider investing in larger models.

Operations are incredibly easier to manage!

The ability you get while piloting a smaller, simpler plane will transfer to your larger models, which is why this is most crucial. You won’t need to retrain yourself in these abilities at a later time. Simple is best! Starting with a large plane would simply impede your advancement.


Concluding the discussion, the trends of aerial photography continue to thrive in the competition, especially during the recent era. We usually come to encompass impeccable growth in this domain with the rapid rise of numerous drone manufacturers. The Eachine F-18 RC Airplane has been successful in attaining the intended goal of serving beginners with satisfactory photography results. It is a brilliant and great development with a 4300KV motor, and 30A ESC, in addition to the high-quality EPO materials. If you truly struggle to find the best drone in a certain price bracket, the Eachine F-18 can be your ideal choice for many reasons.

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