Hibrew H10 Coffee Machine review: Your private cafe with versatile skills!

November 27, 2022


  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • 20Bar high-pressure extraction
  • Dual temperature control system
  • 1050W strong power
  • Double Spout Portafilter system


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Hibrew H10

Portable coffee makers are increasingly popular. The major factor we can observe behind the phenomenon is their versatility since they can be used across multiple scenarios. Today, in this guide, we have the Hibrew H10 1050W Coffee Maker on the desk to do some deeper research to obtain in-depth insights into the same. It is a brilliant choice for daily use with a 1.5L water tank, 20Bar high-pressure extraction 1050W power, stainless-steel water storage boiler, and dual temperature control system. The HiBREW H10 review will express various pros and cons of the product to help customers make a worthy buying decision.

Hibrew is no longer a fresh name to hear when it comes to exploring the market of portable coffee brewers. The brand has earned massive popularity, especially during the recent era, and gained excellent customer feedback against its diverse product range. Buyers will come to meet a comprehensive spectrum of high-quality coffee-making machines to be used in homes, offices, cafes, and other locations. Moreover, HiBREW values its customers’ feedback a lot and always endeavors assiduously to satiate their expectations.

Design and construction

HiBREW H10 Coffee Machine

I think taking note of the physical build would be better to start with. The compact and portable assembly is the first thing to strike about the coffee maker. Build-wise, the coffee-making machine demonstrates an elegant and stylish design in the portable and lightweight physique. Sturdy stainless steel is the key aspect to consider while measuring toughness and durability. Users will enjoy ultra-compact size and unified construction to use it across all scenarios.

Stainless-steel body is durable and elegant!

The machine hosts some functional buttons and LED indicators on the front side. The larger sunken knob is easy to rotate to let you select either espresso or milk froth functions. In the main functional area, it has an anti-scald steam pipe to froth the milk as well as the cup holder unit. On the top surface, you can place cups for preheating, while the backside boasts a removable water tank. Users can also remove the detachable base for cleaning purposes. In terms of physical dimensions, the HiBREW coffee maker measures 275x265mm and weighs 5.3kg.


Pressure Pump

The higher is pressure extraction, the better the coffee production. The pressure pump of the machine captivates the attention during the buying process since it is the key integration in the whole development. What is the pressure range of the new Hibrew H10 machine?

Well, the product under question comprises a 20bar high-pressure extraction mechanism. It looks more impressive and stronger as compared to its other counterparts in the same price segment. Using this profile, users are prone to enjoy sensitive coffee creation with marvelous milk froth without losing its natural aroma. It is powerful enough to develop more fragrant crema for an extensive release of coffee taste.

Higher pressure extraction promises tastier espressos!

Moreover, the HiBREW H10 coffee machine acknowledges an instant heating element. The fundamental duty of this affair is to heat up the water at more stable and accurate temperatures. In the end, people will enjoy rich crema with sufficient pressure, and it produces a brilliant espresso for the whole family.


1050W power

The overall functionality of the espresso machine is technically dependent on the integrated power potential it comes with. In the case of the Hibrew H10, the semi-automatic coffee maker publishes a powerful 1050W rated power to manage things confidently. It is an enormous dose of power and stamina to handle multiple assigned tasks under different temperature units. It supports the machine to develop a range of coffee to cater to the whole-family requirements.

A powerful machine is efficient with elevated stamina!

Individuals are likely to witness extended strength further to stimulate the pressure pump and other integrated elements. Also, the machine integrates a stainless-steel water storage boiler with fast heating and constant water (92-degree C) temperature. The powerful steam system supports users in creating dense and smooth milk foam with more than 6% fat content. Additionally, the machine will get shut down automatically in the case of any malfunction.

Temperature control

HiBREW H10 Coffee Machine

The superior temperature control system is another pacifying characteristic of the Hibrew H10 1050W coffee maker. Users will come to notice a dual temperature control system. It permits people to control water and steam temperature precisely and effortlessly.

A dual temperature control system ensures smoother operations!

We usually hear about incidents associated with the malfunctioning of electronic appliances at home. Overheating and overcharging are some common issues individuals might face. But the Hibrew H10 machine controls the temperature automatically and stops working at higher temperatures to avoid dry burn.

Filter and tank

HiBREW H10 Coffee Machine

The next to inspect in the review guide is the filtration system of the espresso maker. The new Hibrew coffee machine comes equipped with the innovative Double Spout Portafilter mechanism. It features a coffee powder filter and an ESE Pod filter to address diverse requirements. Clients will have the freedom to make two cups of coffee at the same time. One of the appealing prospects is that the machine is capable of producing a wide range of coffee drinks. It will serve you various tastes, such as cappuccino, mocha, espresso, latte, macchiato, and Campbell blue.

A dual filtration system and a larger water tank add more value!

In addition to that, the Hibrew H10 coffee maker accommodates a larger water tank to meet water requirements remarkably. It comes with a storage capacity of 1.5L that allows you to create about 7 cups of drinks on a single fill. Also, the storage tank is easy to wash, thanks to its detachable design.


In a nutshell, the Hibrew H10 coffee machine is a multifunctional product with several high-end specifications. The stainless-steel-made body is really appreciable to be durable and solid to improve your kitchen interiors. It can produce various types of coffee drinks to be a perfect solution for the whole family. Hopefully, readers will have found the review helpful in constructing the appropriate buying decision.

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  • The stainless-steel-made compact body is stylish and sturdy, with an elegant design and lightweight physique.
  • 20 bar ...
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