Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 released at 4499 yuan ($626)

November 5, 2022

In September, Xiaomi released a home outdoor power supply 1000 Pro. It came with a capacity of 1 kWh and a price of 6399 yuan ($890). Recently, the company released a cheaper model, namely the “Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000”. The price of 1 kWh is only 4499 yuan ($626).

Key features of the new Xiaomi Mijia outdoor power supply 1000

The appearance of the Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 is the same as that of the Pro version. It adopts a relatively regular and simple square shape.

The built-in 280500mAh large-capacity battery is 500mAh larger than the Pro version. It is enough for a 1000W electric frying pan to work continuously for about 55 minutes. So you can cook a big meal with its help.

Mijia outdoor power supply

It uses a UL-certified power battery, which can maintain more than 80% of the power after 800 cycles of charging. There are 21 built-in temperature sensors in the body to ensure safety protection.

Mijia outdoor power supply

It can stably output 220V/1600W high power. Due to the special drive technology, it can drive up to 2400W. So you can use super-power electric kettles and hair dryers normally.

The product comes with rich charging and discharging interfaces. Also, it supports up to 13 devices to be charged simultaneously. It uses the same pure sine wave bidirectional inverter as the household mains waveform. So it can be easily used as a home backup energy storage device.

Mijia outdoor power supply

You can control the power supply through the Mijia app. Through the latter, you can control each discharge interface’s opening, closing, and lighting. It can also remotely control and view the power consumption and remaining power in real-time. Our protagonist supports BMS ten-fold security guard.

In addition, it can also be used with Mijia solar panel 100W. In other aspects, this outdoor power supply can charge 80% in 1.5 hours and 100% in 2.5 hours.

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