Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro went on sale

September 10, 2022

Xiaomi’s first outdoor power supply, the Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro, went on sale today, with a starting price of 5,999 yuan ($866). However, the suggested retail price is 6,499 yuan ($938).

The Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro uses a new energy vehicle lithium battery. The internal battery pack of the fuselage meets the IP67 protection level. At the same time, the battery capacity is 1022Wh, and the density is greater than or equal to 500Wh/L. The product can be recharged 1000 times.

The Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro supports 220V / 1800W ultra-high power. Simply put, it supports most outdoor electrical appliances and common equipment. This is suitable for outdoor camping, self-driving travel, field fishing, etc.

What’s Inside The Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro?

Inside, it carries a 280,000mAh / 1022Wh large-capacity battery with long battery life. It also supports two-way inverter flash charging technology. You can use only one standard charging cable to charge it quickly. In 50 minutes, it will reach 80% of the battery power, while it will reach 100% in 1.5 hours. According to the official introduction, the product can charge drones (28Wh) about 32 times, laptops (70Wh) about 13 times, SLR cameras (15Wh) about 61 times, camp lights (10W) for about 92 hours, and a car refrigerator (60W) about 15.3 hours.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro supports multiple charging and discharging interfaces and supports up to 13 devices to be charged at the same time. The pure sine wave bidirectional inverter is almost identical to the household mains waveform. So when necessary, you can use it as a home backup energy storage device.

Mijia Outdoor Power Supply 1000 Pro

The company recommends its users use this product with the Mijia Solar Panel 100W. It supports parallel charging of two solar panels simultaneously, up to 200W MAX.

We are dealing with a Mijia product. So it’s logical to support Mijia app control. Through the latter, you can control the on/off of each discharge interface, view power consumption and remaining power in real-time, etc.

Lastly, this outdoor power supply uses V0-grade environmentally friendly flame-retardant materials. It adopts a high-strength “cage frame structure,” which combines the annular aluminum alloy frame with stamped sheet metal. At the same time, the internal core components are covered with an independent shell, making the overall structure safer and more reliable.


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