POCO C50 (the rebranded Redmi A1+) will land in India soon

October 16, 2022

When Redmi gained independence from Xiaomi, everyone who followed the news in the niche predicted that POCO would be abandoned. The reason was that Xiaomi began running a dual-brand strategy. When saying this, we mean that the original Xiaomi brand will make phones for the premium segment, while the Redmi brand should sell handsets to those looking for cost-effective smartphones. So there was no seat for Poco. However, the Poco executives could convince to keep the brand. And now, we see that it launches new models in different markets one after another. For instance, in June this year, it launched the POCO C40 globally. According to MySmartPrice, although this phone wasn’t on sale in India, the company is now preparing to launch an iterative model, the POCO C50.

What we know about POCO C50

Recently, from the same source, we learned that the POCO C50 had appeared in the list of supported devices on Google Play. The model is 220733SPI, while the codename is “snow.” This also means that the phone is on the way and will hit the market soon.


Usually, when we mention technical information, such as the model number of the codename, many readers do not understand why. But it’s a piece of vital information when we collect data from different sources into one. Say, the model number has also appeared in the IMEI database before. From the model code point of view, POCO C50 may be a rebranded version of Redmi A1+ because the latter comes with the same codename – snow.

As a reference, the Redmi A1+ uses a 6.52-inch HD+ water drop screen, a MediaTek Helio A22 processor, the Android 12 Go Edition system, and a built-in 5000mAh battery that supports 10W charging. So can we assume that the upcoming POCO phone will have identical features?

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