New Xiaomi smartwatch is on the way

August 28, 2022

Not that long ago, Xiaomi released a new smartwatch dubbed the Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro, starting from 1499 yuan ($218). Today, we got some news concerning a new Xiaomi smartwatch.

According to the official website of the China Quality Certification Center, a Xiaomi smartwatch with a model M2207W1 passed the 3C certification yesterday. The certification information shows that the smartwatch has audio storage and playback functions. Also, we can see that the watch supports 2.5W charging at 5V-0.5A. However, there is no power adapter.

Xiaomi smartwatch

What’s more interesting, the charging power is lower than that of the already-launched Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro. Therefore, there is every reason to think that the upcoming Xiaomi smartwatch will have a lower positioning.

As a reference, the Xiaomi Mi Watch S1 Pro uses a sapphire glass mirror + stainless steel chassis design. Also, there is a 1.47-inch narrow bezel large screen with a screen resolution of 480×480. This watch supports heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, and other functions, with a typical battery life of up to 14 days.

The watches currently on sale on Xiaomi’s official website include the Xiaomi Watch S1, Xiaomi Watch Color 2, Redmi Watch 2, and Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro. None of them supports the eSIM function.

Generally, Xiaomi has been in this field for many years. We understand that the first Xiaomi-branded smartwatches appeared on the market later. But a decade ago, Xiaomi-related Huami released the much-popular Amazfit smartwatches. And everyone knew it was a Xiaomi product. Moreover, for many customers, it was a Xiaomi smartwatch and not a Huami smartwatch. Then, Mijia released a few hybrid watches. And only after that, Xiaomi launched its own smartwatches. Apart from this, Xiaomi has been in the smartband market long ago. We mean, this brand knows how to make smartwatches.


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