Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike review: Comfortable, sturdy and stylish for all journeys!

August 11, 2022


  • Sturdy and tough
  • Good endurance
  • Efficient motor
  • Waterproof


  • No foldability
  • A bit heavy build

Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

The involvement of smart electric bikes is a rapid trend in the modern age era. These vehicles are good options to cover short to medium distances without polluting the environment conveniently. Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike comes to the limelight after collecting appreciation and appraisal across all dimensions. It is a heavy-duty vehicle built of finely-selected aluminum alloy frame enriched with superior configurations. This is a detailed analysis of the Lankeleisi RV700 bike review to get through every corner of the bicycle and learn various specs and features.

Being in the industry for more than 10 years, Lankeleisi is one of the most experienced electric bike manufacturers globally. It is a factory intended to produce high-quality products that meet world safety and quality standards. It knows and understands customers’ needs to the core and strives to bring efficient products forth. Further, the prime mission of Lankeleisi is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction through consistent innovation, acknowledgment, accuracy, and excellence. It promises to pacify the commuting requirements of all people with eco-friendly, environment-oriented, and affordable products.

Physical build and design

Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

It would be nice to embark on the journey of debate starting with the physical construction and external appearance. The Lankeleisi RV700 is designed and carved impeccably under the supervision of professional craftsmen. They show admirable workmanship by utilizing a selected 6061 aluminum alloy frame to build the chassis after T4T6 heat treatment. Hence, it ensures robustness and rust & corrosion resistance in the mechanical structure. That’s why bearing up to 150kg load capacity is no hassle for the bike.

Sturdy and stylish physique collects more safety and joy!

On the handlebar, you see an LED display mounted in the middle. Both wheels accommodate a disc-braking system while the battery is fitted in the lower panel. The seat cushion is comfortable with 87-107cm height adjustment from the ground. Also, 26×4-inch wheels come made of high-quality rubber and feature dual oil spring suspension. The physical dimensions of the electric bike measure 93x120x107cm, and it weighs 31kg. However, unfoldable design is likely to be the sole drawback in this concern.


Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

Like many other electric vehicles, the Lankeleisi RV700 also allows riders to enjoy an enhanced experience with an integrated LED screen on the front. It is a color smart digital meter to showcase several kinds of real-time information concerning the journey. You’re likely to encompass a great dose of comfort since it lets you conveniently control the machine.

Digital presentation of bike data in real-time scenario!

The integrated digital display allows users to monitor the bike speed, battery status, gear switch, mileage, and other bicycle data in real-time. Hence, riders will continuously monitor reliable data to add more joy and thrill to the tour. One of the best things is that it also has an IP64 waterproof rating, and it measures 125.5×72.5mm.


Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

The primary source of strength for the electric bike is the motor integrated into the rear wheel. The Lankeleisi RV700 bike equips a powerful 1000W high-speed brushless motor to gain excellent performance and acceleration. The lightweight engine boasts a star gear design to obtain enhanced torque, improved efficiency, and up to 35-degree climbing ability.

Brushless motor supports good speed and torque generation!

Further, the brushless motor is successful in attaining the max speed of 42km/h, and it takes only 5sec to get to the highest mark. Meanwhile, the bike provides three operation modes to adjust the riding per requirement. Riders can operate the bike in Pure Electric Mode, Power Assist Mode, and Riding Mode. Motor operations are silent to meet your versatile traveling needs across all scenarios.


Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

It is a crucial prospect for any electricity-driven vehicle since the battery is always the critical source of energy and power. In the case of the Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike, we come across a 18650 lithium battery with 48V voltage and 16Ah capacity. On a single charge, the battery can serve riders up to 55km of mileage in the Pure Electric Mode and 130km in Power Assist Mode. It comes hidden in the shell to prevent any mishap during the trip. With an IP54 waterproof rating, there would be no worry about riding the bike in rainy weather.

Long-lasting battery offers good service to cover long trips!

The 48V 16Ah lithium battery astoundingly supports the advanced BMS mechanism to save power smartly. Also, you’re protected with several protection systems against over-charging, over-voltage, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit, etc. Charging the bike battery is no hassle through a dedicated port, and it takes around 5-6 hours to gain total power.

Tires & brakes

Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike

As far as tires are concerned, the Lankeleisi RV700 carries 26”x4” fat tires constructed off high-grade rubber materials. The pair is promised to bring a comfortable and convenient journey experience due to its wear-resistant, anti-slip, and anti-skid properties. They are made to withstand harsh and tough terrains full of gravel.

Robust tires in support with dual disc brakes and oil spring suspension!

In addition to that, the bike features a dual oil spring suspension system to reduce shocks. Also, it has dual disc-braking systems to add more to the safety of users in case of emergency braking. It installs soft tail rear oil spring suspension to be an efficient shock absorber.


The Lankeleisi RV700 electric bike looks proficient and marvelous across all departments. In spite of having an unfoldable structure, the electric vehicle achieves considerable enhancements to uplift the overall riding experience of users. With a 1000W powerful brushless motor, 48V 16Ah battery, and dual disc braking system, the bike is all set to address the versatile commuting requirements of enthusiasts.

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