Bezior XF200 electric bike review: Sturdy frame to make commuting comfortable

August 12, 2022


  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • Foldable design
  • 200kg load capacity
  • Longer battery life


  • Speed could be higher
  • Larger charging time

Bezior XF200 Folding Electric Bike

Bezior XF200

The demand graph for electric bikes continues to attain new elevations in the modern era. These are convenient vehicles for shorter to medium-distance commuting. Various models offer a significant range of battery life and speed along with the foldable design. The latest Bezior XF200 Electric Bike from Bezior is one of those gems with incredibly powerful features on the table. It is a mountain bike to witness real-life challenges, thanks to its sturdy build, lightweight physique, and several other technical competencies. The detailed Bezior XF200 review will give you in-depth scenarios about the all-encompassing elements of the electric folding bike.

The electric bike industry proceeds to conquer fresh milestones with every single invention intended to enhance the comfort of individuals. Bezior’s latest XF200 folding bike is successful in its motive of serving clients with the utmost comfort, delight, and pleasure they look for. It is a lightweight assembly made of high-grade 6061 aluminum alloy material, a comfortable cushion, and several other top-notch technicalities. With the sheer power of a 1000W brushless motor and 15Ah battery capacity, the bike is able to attain a max speed of up to 40km/h and 130km mileage.

Physical build and appearance

Bezior XF200

Smart electric bikes in the current realm bring no base for disappointment for buyers and offer a decent look and consolidated construction. The new Bezior XF200 electric bike is getting itself ahead of the competition in several prospects. Most significantly, the aluminum alloy lightweight frame comes up with a foldable design and you can fold the vehicle in half to reduce the overall size. It measures 100x80x50cm in the folded state while the unfolded size is 177x120x90cm. The weight of the vehicle is 27kg which makes the bike relatively light.

Furthermore, the handlebar of the bike hosts several features for users. It gets a display on the top to let you note the speed, mileage, battery capacity, and other crucial information. There are also three functional buttons for different purposes. The right side has an electric throttle and the front has an LED headlight. Inside the beam, a 48C battery is hidden to overcome the power requirements of the bike. The wheels of the vehicle measure 20×4” with high-quality suspension. The front side gets an oil spring suspension fork along with the rear shock absorber.

Foldability makes the bike smarter and more convenient!

Overall, the Bezior XF200 folding electric bike achieves a lot to impress avid enthusiasts. It presents a good package of sturdiness, beauty, and value-added configurations to be an ideal choice for different roads. The IP54 rating makes the bike waterproof and the robust frame allows you to load the bike with up to 200kg of weight. In terms of colors, users will have three choices – Red, Yellow, and Black.


Bezior Xf200

The PowerGrid of the foldable electric bike tells the story of good endurance and autonomy. It packs a 48V 15Ah 18650 lithium battery inside the aluminum frame to meet the power requirements of the bike. The completely hidden battery ensures the unit is waterproof and dustproof to bring double protection. Bezior looks forward to embracing all its electric bikes with competent battery packs to yield the maximum mileage possible. In the case of the under-vigilance product, the company endeavors proficiently and has brought a good battery life to assist travelers for a long-route journey on a single charge.

The lithium battery inside the pack is said to integrate valuable contents to look like the protection you would be expecting as a buyer. It prevents issues i.e. short-circuit, overvoltage and overload. Theoretically, the battery is supposed to deliver a range of up to 130km in the pure electric mode. But practically you would be using the pedal-assisted mode to attain the same figure.

Good volume of endurance to reach the destination!

In real-life practice, you would get approx. 100km of mileage on every charge. It takes around 4-5 hours to capture the full charge of the battery via an external charging point.

In terms of display, it is equipped on the handlebar and comes with a good sort of information regarding the journey. It is a bright display to show crucial aspects such as the speed, battery status, riding mode, and other parameters to let you enjoy an additional dose of fun.


Bezior Xf200

One of the top capabilities of the electric bike is the 48V 1000W high-speed brushless motor fitted to the rear wheelbase. It is light in weight but delivers impeccable performance in terms of speed and competency. The star gear design can provide a larger torque and higher efficiency conversion rate. Riders can enjoy a maximum speed of up to 40km.

High-speed motor is the need of the day!

Basically, the Bezior XF200 bike comes with three riding modes – Electric Mode, Power Assist Mode, and Riding Mode. You can switch between the modes pretty easily as per the gear and mode to deal with different riding requirements. It gets a step-less speed regulation system to make riding more fun and joyous. Also, the powerful motor allows the bike to climb a slope of up to 350.

Having the tenacity to combat dust and water is great. Most electric bikes adopt the waterproof certification to assure users will not worry to ride in the rain or other adverse atmospheres. The same philosophy applies to the Bezior XF200 and it gains an IP54 waterproof rating to be able to withstand dust and water efficiently.


Bezior Xf200

The display equipped on the handlebar comes with a good sort of information regarding the journey. It is a bright display to show crucial aspects such as the speed, battery status, riding mode, and other parameters to let you enjoy an additional dose of fun.

Everything is under supervision on the handlebar!


Bezior Xf200

When it comes to tires, the electric foldable bike unites a pair of 20”x4” non-slip and durable fat tires with anti-skid and anti-vibration profiles. The tire width and tire diameter is 10cm and 60cm, respectively. Riders will entertain a wonderful traveling experience irrespective of the type of road. Rigid tires are adaptable to rough terrains and uneven paths to alleviate your worries.

Fat tires add more fun and thrill!

The Bezior XF200 reflects DYISLAND hydraulic braking system on both wheels. It adds to the safety of riders exceptionally and gives a comfortable and convenient journey experience. The vehicle also supports an imported Shimano 7-speed shifting system with the customized aluminum alloy crank to promote the fun of riding.


The new Bezior XF200 Electric Bike might be a superior choice for those who deal with daily commuting complications. It is designed professionally and studded with advanced protocols to assist riders through every way of life. The foldable design, LED flashlight, 3 riding modes, 1000W brushless motor 15Ah battery, and 20” fat tires are compiled to create the best riding solution for you.

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