Realme GT Neo6 SE Hands-On: Equipped with The Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 Chip, Powerful Performance

April 15, 2024

At the end of March, Qualcomm unveiled the third-generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform, bringing flagship technology and performance to mid-to-high-end smartphones this year. As the first batch of phones equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform gradually hit the market, on April 11th, realme introduced the brand-new realme GT Neo6 SE, a gaming flagship tailored for the younger generation.

Realme GT Neo6 SE claims to be the new generation flagship striker, implying its capability to challenge flagship products. Obtained this realme GT Neo6 SE, so let’s dive into the review to see what kind of experience it brings.


First, let’s examine the appearance design. The packaging box, the realme GT Neo6 SE’s box is black, and adorned with bold white letters spelling “GT Neo6 SE” on the front, rendering the packaging design notably attention-grabbing. Upon opening the package, the phone immediately captures your attention. Sporting the Titanium Space Mirror design, the realme GT Neo6 SE showcases the industry’s pioneering nano-mirror back cover. The specific variant received, dubbed Cangye Hacker, arrives in a striking green hue.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

However, this green isn’t pure, instead, it’s a fantastical deep green with a silver-like texture, reminiscent of psychedelic wilderness scenes in games. The back features mist texturing primarily, using AG glass. AG particles create a flowing texture depending on the light angle.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Realme GT Neo6 SE

The surface where the camera module is located undergoes a nano-level high-end mirror coating process, rendering it smooth and bright. This complements the overall back design well, enriching the sense of layering. The two cameras and the flash form a triangular pattern, while a high-end stainless steel ring surrounds the camera, increasing hardness by 20% and enhancing delicacy.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Moreover, it offers better protection for the lenses. In the Cangye Hacker variant of the realme GT Neo6 SE, the middle frame is also green, seamlessly blending with the device’s back. Its surface boasts a polished texture, and both the front and back panels are rounded.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

The microphone and infrared sensor sit atop the device. On the right side, you’ll find the volume and power buttons. Meanwhile, the left side remains button-free. Moving to the bottom, there are the microphone, USB port, and speaker openings. In terms of dimensions, the realme GT Neo6 SE measures 162mm×75.1mm×8.65mm. It boasts a thickness of 8.65mm and a weight of 191g, giving it a lightweight feel when held.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Realme GT Neo6 SE


The front of the phone boasts a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen with extremely narrow bezels on all sides, achieving a screen-to-body ratio of up to 94.2%, delivering a strong visual impact when the screen is lit.

Performance Experience

The Realme GT Neo6 SE is among the first smartphones to feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform. This platform utilizes the same 4nm process technology as the Snapdragon 8, boasting a CPU performance increase of 15%, a GPU performance increase of 45%, and a 5% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the previous generation. Additionally, it introduces AI capabilities at the terminal side of the Snapdragon 7 series.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

With these advancements in mind, let’s delve into the performance testing conducted by our team.

Firstly, we ran benchmark tests on the Realme GT Neo6 SE. In GT mode, it scored 1393 points in single-core and 4096 points in multi-core on GeekBench 5. Meanwhile, GeekBench 6 yielded scores of 1896 in single-core and 5125 in multi-core, showcasing the prowess of the Snapdragon 7+ platform.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Moving on to AnTuTu benchmarking, the Realme GT Neo6 SE achieved an overall score of 1510241, with CPU and GPU scores of 392650 and 502291 respectively. Additionally, storage performance was tested using AnTuTu, with the device equipped with 512GB UFS 4.0 flash memory achieving a score of 186081.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Next, we conducted real-world gaming tests. The Realme GT Neo6 SE has several optimization technologies for gaming, including GT mode 5.0, Geek Performance Panel 2.0, and Game-exclusive Memory Pro. These enhancements ensure swift game loading and overall performance improvements.

Let’s see how these Optimizations Perform in Gaming Experiences

Opening the popular game “King of Glory” in GT mode and with graphics set to the highest, we engaged in a 15-minute AI match. The game ran smoothly with an average frame rate of 119.9 fps, maintaining consistent performance throughout.

After testing “King of Glory,” we proceeded to evaluate another popular game, “Justice Online.” With a focus on frame rate optimization and standard graphics settings, we explored the game for 15 minutes in the city of Bianjing.

During this time, the average frame rate remained at 59.56 fps, demonstrating commendable performance. The gameplay was largely smooth and enjoyable.

Now, let’s examine the core scheduling of the Snapdragon 7+ platform.

The Cortex-X4, A720, and A520 cores maintained stable and robust performance output, contributing to a seamless gaming experience. Temperature is also a crucial factor in evaluating performance. The Realme GT Neo6 SE maintained a maximum temperature of approximately 35.0℃, indicating proficient performance tuning and power management.

Finally, we tested the device with “Genshin Impact,” running the game at maximum graphics settings with a frame rate cap of 60fps.

Over a 30-minute gaming session, including both city exploration and combat scenarios, the device maintained an average frame rate of 59.53fps.

Other Function Tests

One of the major highlights of the realme GT Neo6 SE is its industry-leading 6000nit Unparalleled screen. This screen features flagship-level 8T LTPO technology and an extraordinary 17-layer Mask technology, delivering flagship display effects. Through collaboration with BOE, realme has pushed the brightness of this Unparalleled screen to the industry limit, achieving a peak brightness of 6000nit. Additionally, it incorporates a high-brightness lifespan protection algorithm, doubling the display lifespan compared to industry standards. Furthermore, it boasts a global peak brightness of 1600nit, manual peak brightness of 1000nit, and customizable minimum brightness.

Apr-10-2024 21-29-33

When using the realme GT Neo6 SE, users can distinctly feel the brightness of the screen. For instance, the system settings provide an option to expand the brightness range, allowing users to adjust the screen brightness to higher levels manually.

With this option enabled, setting the system brightness to maximum and displaying a pure white image at full screen, the screen’s peak brightness reaches 894nit, momentarily exceeding 900nit. This brightness indeed stands out.

The realme GT Neo6 SE supports a Pro-XDR display, reaching a dazzling 1600nit for superb HDR effects. When capturing HDR photos, users can find adjustment buttons for Pro-XDR display in the system gallery. Activating the Pro-XDR display reveals significantly brighter highlights in the photos, closely resembling the brightness perception of the human eye, enhancing the vividness of HDR photos.

Apr-10-2024 21-25-58

Examining an HDR photo taken by the user, local highlights in the photo measure an impressive 1427nit, truly remarkable.

AI Eye Protection

After raising the screen brightness, many users may consider eye protection. The realme GT Neo6 SE addresses this with the introduction of the Greenfield AI Eye Protection feature. As the industry’s first active eye protection solution, it introduces active eye fatigue detection, dynamically adjusting various eye protection functions such as adaptive ambient color, sleep mode, and eye protection color temperature. Unlike traditional passive parameter adjustments, it actively detects user fatigue, progressively adjusting suitable eye protection functions. Users can enable AI Eye Protection in the system settings under “Display & Brightness” – “Eye Protection & Sleep”. Once enabled, the screen feels softer and more comfortable, avoiding the stark yellow tint of traditional eye protection methods.

realme GT Neo6 SE

The realme GT Neo6 SE also debuts the AI Game Eye Protection feature, providing vision protection for avid gamers through active fatigue detection, continuous gaming duration monitoring, and customized eye protection strategies. Users can activate this feature in the game assistant.

realme GT Neo6 SE

AIGC capabilities

It implements comprehensive AI empowerment across all scenarios, bringing multiple AIGC capabilities in performance, battery life, and various features. For example, the realme GT Neo6 SE features the flagship-grade AIGC Erase function. After capturing a photo, users can easily identify and erase elements that affect composition, such as pedestrians or debris. The system intelligently recognizes and eliminates them, even offering intelligent filling for the erased area. Users can witness this functionality in action, noticing how effortlessly the system identifies and removes unwanted elements from photos, leaving behind a natural-looking image as if they were never there.

5ECD754C29BB8FC0D21F4FD8DCA92B60.2024-04-10 21_37_14

The realme GT Neo6 SE also supports AI Call Summary, recording full transcripts of calls and generating summaries using AIGC capabilities. During testing, when reading an article aloud during a call, the device accurately recorded the content and generated a summary in the built-in notepad. While there were minor errors, the overall experience was smooth. Moreover, the device analyzes the summary to suggest tasks, particularly useful for business professionals.

realme GT Neo6 SE


In terms of imaging, the realme GT Neo6 SE features a Sony IMX882 50-megapixel OIS main camera, along with a Sony IMX355 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. It’s equipped with a flagship-grade Super Image Engine, which effectively enhances picture purity and reproduces true-to-life lighting.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics with some sample shots. First, in well-lit daytime conditions, photos straight from the realme GT Neo6 SE are bright, clear, and accurately exposed. The overall style leans towards a cooler tone, with colors not overly saturated, providing a more true-to-life look.

In terms of detail, zooming in on the banners on the glass doors of buildings isn’t very easy, but they’re not blurred either. Additionally, the texture of the wall tiles is decent, indicating good resolution.

Switching to the 50-megapixel high-resolution mode doesn’t significantly alter the overall imaging style. Zooming in, the texture becomes clearer, and details richer, although the text on the glass doors remains somewhat difficult to discern.

Moving on to another photo, the color reproduction of the realme GT Neo6 SE remains quite accurate, leaning towards realism without excessive saturation, as seen in the green grass, which closely resembles what the human eye perceives.

In scenes with high contrast, the realme GT Neo6 SE performs admirably. In dimly lit areas like a garage, brightness is sufficient with minimal noise, and highlights outside the garage aren’t overly suppressed or overexposed, providing a realistic and natural-looking image, akin to what the human eye sees.

The realme GT Neo6 SE’s SuperOIS super optical image stabilization technology ensures overall brightness and purity in photos. In terms of dynamic range, there’s no relentless pursuit of suppressing highlights. While areas with bright neon lights may exhibit slight overexposure and overflow, it doesn’t significantly detract from the overall viewing experience.


In terms of charging, the Realme GT Neo6 SE features a large 5500mAh battery and comes with a standard 100W SuperDart Charger. In testing conducted by GizCoupon, it took a total of 29 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%, with 64% charged in just 15 minutes. The charging speed is indeed impressive.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

Moving on to battery life, with its 5500mAh battery and the low power consumption of the 8T LTPO screen, the Realme GT Neo6 SE should theoretically deliver good battery life. We conducted tests with system volume and screen brightness set to 50%, Bluetooth and location services enabled, performance mode set to “balanced,” and starting with a full charge of 100%, all tests were conducted in a Wi-Fi environment.

Firstly, playing “Peace Elite” at the highest graphics settings for 30 minutes consumed 0% battery, leaving 100% remaining.

Next, watching a 45-minute 1080P high frame-rate movie on the Bilibili app depleted 4% of the battery, leaving 96% remaining.

Then, spending 15 minutes browsing short videos on TikTok consumed 2% battery, leaving 94% remaining.

Following that, 20 minutes of browsing Weibo depleted 3% battery, leaving 91% remaining.

Finally, spending 10 minutes browsing Gizcoupon left the battery at 91%, with no further drain.

In total, after approximately 120 minutes of testing, the Realme GT Neo6 SE consumed only 9% of its battery, leaving 91% remaining.


Overall, the Realme GT Neo6 SE is positioned as a mid-to-high-end smartphone, offering experiences comparable to flagship devices in many aspects.

Realme GT Neo6 SE

The combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series chipset, UFS 4.0 storage, LPDDR5x RAM, gaming optimizations, industry-leading +6000nit display, excellent charging, and battery life, along with AI-enhanced features, constitutes the core experience of the Realme GT Neo6 SE. If you don’t require the versatility and ultimate performance of a high-end flagship but prioritize the experiences mentioned above, then the Realme GT Neo6 SE might be a suitable option for you.

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