Xiaomi SU7 Has Already Received 88,898 Pre-Orders within 24 Hours of Its Launch

March 31, 2024

According to data released by Xiaomi Automobile, 88,898 units of the Xiaomi SU7 have been pre-ordered within 24 hours of its launch.

Xiaomi SU7

Last night, Xiaomi’s first model, the SU7, officially hit the market. According to official data, the car reached 10,000 bookings in just 4 minutes, 20,000 in 7 minutes, and 50,000 in 27 minutes.

Xiaomi SU7

Moreover, Xiaomi Car’s official Weibo released an article tonight titled “Answering Questions about Xiaomi SU7 for Netizens”, addressing some concerns raised by users. Here are some answers:

Why does the booking period for Xiaomi SU7 last 7 days?

Industry practice dictates a cooling-off period for bookings, usually ranging from 1 to 3 days. During this time, customers can cancel or modify bookings. After confirming the configuration and locking the order, vehicle production begins. Because of the high demand for test drives and reservations of Xiaomi SU7, and to improve user rights protection. We have extended the cooling-off period to 7 days until April 30th.

Why are some users unable to get a refund on their deposits?

After booking, there is a 7-day window for refunds. Refunds are not possible if the configuration is locked, indicating that the order has been finalized and production has commenced. Up until noon on March 29, our customer service system received a total of 469 requests for cancellations or modifications. During the purchasing process in Xiaomi Car’s app, users receive three reminders about the non-refundable nature of locked configurations. Additionally, a final popup prompt appears when users confirm the “lock configuration” step. We hope users understand the importance of careful selection before locking configurations.

How can one lock the configuration after paying a deposit? And how can a refund be obtained within 7 days?

After paying the deposit, users can lock the configuration by logging into the Xiaomi Car app, going to “My” – “Orders” – “Vehicle Orders” – “Lock Configuration”. For refunds within 7 days, users can log into the Xiaomi Car app, go to “My” – “Orders” – “Vehicle Orders” and process the refund, which will be returned within 7 working days.

After locking the configuration, can you transfer or rename orders?

Once you lock the configuration, you cannot modify it, and you cannot transfer the order.

How many test drive appointments does each store accommodate daily, and what is the current waiting time for appointments?

Test drive appointments are currently in high demand. Each store expects to accommodate approximately 90-120 test drives per day, with a waiting time of approximately 3-5 days for appointments. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support and ask for further understanding.

Given the high demand, how long does it take to receive a car after placing an order? Is the production capacity sufficient?

Deliveries of the Xiaomi SU7 Founder’s Edition began as early as April 3. Deliveries for non-Founder’s Edition SU7 and SU7 Max will commence at the end of April, while deliveries for the SU7 Pro will begin at the end of May. Specific delivery times can be found in the app when selecting options. Our factory is working tirelessly to increase production capacity, and we are fully mobilizing our supply chain partners to ensure supply. Delivery times will vary depending on the model, configuration, and color, and we will update the estimated delivery times in the Xiaomi Car app and mini-program based on production adjustments.

What financial services are currently available, and what is the minimum down payment?

Until June 30, 2024, ordering a Xiaomi SU7 entitles you to a 2.5% discount financing plan with a minimum down payment of 15% and a maximum term of 60 months.

Will customers who place orders after April 30 still receive the purchase benefits package?

The purchase benefits package is currently only available to customers who place orders before April 30. For purchase benefits after April 30, please refer to subsequent official announcements.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent us from meeting the displayed delivery time during ordering, will compensation be provided?

Given the current volume of orders, we are ramping up production accordingly. If, due to our reasons, the car cannot be delivered within the displayed timeframe, we will devise corresponding policies and announce them promptly.

Can users from cities without delivery centers purchase cars and then register them locally?

We will assist in obtaining temporary license plates at the delivery center to facilitate registration in the user’s city of residence. We currently do not offer a door-to-door delivery service from delivery centers to other cities and we appreciate your understanding.

Why are black and white colors charged extra? Wouldn’t it be fairer if they were free like black and white?

Following the December 28 technology conference, the feedback on our Gulf Blue, Olive Green, and Elegant Grey colors was excellent. Despite the high cost of these three colors, we decided to offer them for free. We aim for every Xiaomi SU7 to stand out on the streets, so we carefully selected 9 colors from hundreds of samples during development. Even the most common black and white colors are not ordinary. We have added pearl powder to Pearl White and metallic powder to Diamond Black, giving these common colors a quality far above industry standards. Also, encourage everyone to visit our offline stores and experience the different colors.

When will Xiaomi SU7 car models’ stainless steel mugs, and other Xiaomi Life peripherals be restocked?

We appreciate the love for our ecosystem products. With orders pouring in, we have ramped up factory capacity overnight. A new batch of products is already on its way, so please stay tuned to the Xiaomi Car app store.

When will the second batch of delivery centers be announced?

Based on fan feedback and store layout considerations for 20 candidate cities. We have selected 10 cities to supplement sales and service stores: Jinan, Shandong; Changzhou, Jiangsu; Nantong, Jiangsu; Jinhua, Zhejiang; Nanning, Guangxi; Changchun, Jilin; Guiyang, Guizhou; Zhuhai, Guangdong; Quanzhou, Fujian; and Xiantao, Hubei. These cities will open throughout the year. We will continue to add stores in other cities promptly to provide everyone with a more convenient car viewing and test-driving experience.

Will CarIoT accessories such as smartphone holders and physical buttons be safe in the event of a collision?

CarIoT devices are securely fastened to the center console and dashboard of the Xiaomi SU7 using threaded mounting ports. This ensures stability during operation Official CarIoT products undergo long-term vehicle integration validation, including safety, environmental adaptation, durability, NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), and sealing, ensuring both the device’s integrity and its impact on the vehicle, providing greater peace of mind compared to externally purchased accessories. When a passenger is present, avoid installing smartphone holders or other devices near the right 1/4 threaded interface. Since the right front passenger seat has an airbag, this is the reason.

How long is the warranty for the air suspension?

The air suspension is covered by a 60-month or 100,000-kilometer warranty. We offer a 60-month or 100,000-kilometer (whichever comes first) vehicle warranty (excluding wear parts), covering suspension systems, including springs (coil springs, torsion bars, leaf springs, air springs, hydraulic springs, etc.), control arms, and links. You can find detailed warranty policies on the Xiaomi Car website.

How does the energy consumption of Xiaomi SU7 perform?

Xiaomi SU7 has always prioritized “long endurance” as one of its key product goals, for low power consumption. It delivers outstanding actual energy consumption performance, with the standard CLTC version consuming a minimum of 12.3 kWh/h and the SU7 Max consuming a minimum of 13.6 kWh/h.

The Xiaomi SU7 Max achieved an actual endurance of 643 kilometers in continuous high-speed driving scenarios. It outperforms its CLTC condition endurance of 810 kilometers (with more than 10 kilometers remaining indicated on the battery meter), maintaining an endurance rate of nearly 80%. In high-speed, high-power consumption scenarios, the actual energy consumption was 15.7 kWh/h, which is remarkable.

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