Xiaomi SU7 Series is Available in Three Wheel Hubs And Four Types of Tires

March 28, 2024

Xiaomi Motors unveiled four-wheel hub designs for the SU7 model today on their official Weibo. They claimed that all four-wheel hubs match with the best tire combinations. Additionally, three of them specifically cater to the Xiaomi SU7.

19-inch low-drag wheels + Michelin low-rolling-resistance tires

Firstly, the 19-inch low-drag wheel hub, while ensuring braking performance, offers a smoother outer surface with embedded aerodynamic plugins, reducing drag by approximately 6-8 counts. Paired with Michelin e・Primacy low rolling resistance tires, it boosts the standard version of Xiaomi SU7’s CLTC range from the previous 668km to 700km in one go, while the Xiaomi SU7 Max reaches an extended range of 810km, ideal for users seeking ultimate range.

Xiaomi SU7

19-inch sport wheels + Bridgestone TURANZA 6 tires

Secondly, the 19-inch sporty wheel hub features “7” shaped elements rotating around the center, providing a dynamic visual effect. Matched with custom Bridgestone TURANZA 6 tires, it ensures both ranges and supports Xiaomi SU7 Max’s top speed of 265km/h and 0-100 acceleration of 2.78s, offering users a balanced driving experience of sportiness and comfort.

20-inch “Torx wheels” + Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires

Thirdly, the 20-inch “Plum Blossom” wheel hub offers excellent support to the vehicle while conveying an elegant, sporty, and visually compelling effect. Paired with Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires equipped with internal soundproofing cotton, it minimizes tire noise, providing users with a driving experience that is sporty, comfortable, and quiet.

Xiaomi SU7

21-inch sports wheels + Pirelli P ZERO fifth-generation tires

Lastly, the all-black 21-inch sporty wheel hub exudes simplicity and strength, fully embodying a sense of sportiness. The custom-made Pirelli P ZERO fifth-generation tires exhibit outstanding performance and strong grip, demonstrated by a braking distance of 33.3 meters from 100km/h to 0. The market reference price for this tire set is around 10,000 yuan (about $1385), making it the ultimate choice for users pursuing extreme sports handling.

Xiaomi SU7

The officials claim that the 20-inch Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires and 21-inch Pirelli P ZERO tires maximize the performance of the Xiaomi SU7 Max. These tires are specially designed for this purpose. They assert that these tires have a wider rear and narrower front, intending to enhance the grip of the rear wheels, fully unleash the surging power of the Xiaomi super motor V6s, and ensure the best dynamic performance.

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