Xiaomi Mijia 10kg Smart Washing Machine is Now Available: Ultra-Thin Fully Embedded Design, Starting at 1,799 Yuan

March 28, 2024

Xiaomi Mijia recently launched a new product, the Xiaomi Mijia 10kg Smart Washing Machine (XQG100MJ108), and started pre-sales, priced at 1799 yuan (about $249), with sales beginning on April 6.

This new product supports a 36-minute quick wash and a 12-minute lightning-fast wash, senses the weight of clothes, and precisely controls the detergent and fabric softener dosage, enough for a month’s use with one refill, reducing chemical residues. Additionally, users can manually adjust the dosage based on the level of dirt, with adjustments possible through both the Mi Home app and the device panel.

Xiaomi Mijia 10kg Smart Washing Machine

The product, equipped with a DD direct drive motor, features an ultra-thin fully-enclosed design. It has a thickness of 507mm and a large drum diameter of 525mm, achieving a wash ratio of 1.1.

The Xiaomi Mijia 10kg Smart Washing Machine also supports sterilization, with official claims of a sterilization rate of 99.999%, a mite removal rate of 100%, and a virus resistance rate of 99.999%, supporting a 95°C high-temperature drum cleaning, door seal spray, and nano-antibacterial door seal.

Xiaomi Mijia 10kg Smart Washing Machine

In terms of intelligence, the product offers 26 programs for various fabrics such as wool, down, and silk, integrating with Xiaomi HyperConnect, supporting functions such as the Mijia app, Xiao Ai assistant, and online OTA updates.

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