OnePlus Ace 3V Will be Launched on March 21, Powered by Latest Snapdragon 7+ Chip

March 19, 2024

OnePlus will officially unveil the Ace 3V smartphone on March 21 at 7:00 PM, boasting the global debut of the third-generation Snapdragon 7+ chipset and claiming to introduce several new AI features worldwide.

OnePlus China’s President, Li Jie, stated the company’s aim for the Ace series: is to democratize flagship experiences. This would allow more people to enjoy better performance, quality, and flagship features. Emphasizing further, Li Jie highlighted the Ace 3V, which features the third-generation Snapdragon 7+ chipset. This chipset offers robust performance, and extended battery life, and presents a comprehensive challenge to “mid-range phone dominance.”

The Ace 3V will also serve as the first AI smartphone for young users, bringing flagship-level AI capabilities to a broader audience and introducing numerous new AI features globally.

With its powerful AI chipset, the OnePlus Ace 3V promises both exceptional performance and long-lasting battery life. The device has already acquired national 3C quality certification. Additionally, it has obtained UFCS fusion fast-charging certification. These certifications indicate that the device will come equipped with a 5500mAh dual-cell battery. This battery will support up to 100W fast charging.

OnePlus Ace 3V

Li Jie also shared real-life images of the OnePlus Ace3V on Weibo, showcasing its front screen with a centered hole-punch design and narrowed bezels, achieving a nearly equal width appearance on all sides. Additionally, the classic three-stage button design is retained on the phone’s frame.

OnePlus Ace 3V

Furthermore, the Geekbench benchmark platform recently revealed the OnePlus Ace3V smartphone. This device bears the model number PJF110 and operates on the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3. Moving on to its specifications, it combines a 2.8 GHz Cortex-X4 with four 2.61 GHz Cortex-A720 medium cores and three 1.9 GHz Cortex-A520 small cores. Additionally, it includes an Adreno 732 GPU.

OnePlus Ace 3V

In multiple Geekbench 6 tests, the OnePlus Ace 3V achieved scores of up to 1848 in single-core and 5007 in multi-core performance. Additionally, in Geekbench 5, it scored 1416 in single-core and 4829 in multi-core performance. These scores closely rival those of the Dimensity 9200+. However, it’s important to note that due to unclear testing conditions, scores are for reference only.

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