Xiaomi 14 Ultra Debuts at MWC 2024: Starting at 1,499 Euros

February 26, 2024

Xiaomi stunned everyone by unveiling a new flagship product series during today’s MWC 2024 conference. The lineup includes the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and various other exciting products.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Xiaomi 14 Ultra is only available in black and white leather versions, and the global version of the 14 Ultra does not use a Jinshajiang battery, with a battery capacity of only 5,000 mAh, while the Chinese version has a capacity of 5,300 mAh. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese version of Xiaomi 14 Ultra is equipped with a high-density silicon-carbon anode battery called “Jinshajiang Battery”. This battery technology uses the latest generation of silicon-carbon anode material and claims its highest silicon content is 6%. , the highest energy density can reach 779Wh/L. This battery is smaller but has more power.

This phone boasts robust imaging capabilities. Additionally, it features a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 50-megapixel 3.2x telephoto lens, and a 50-megapixel 5x periscope telephoto lens—all IMX858 models. This ensures picture consistency across the lenses.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

The conference showcased the Xiaomi 14 Ultra as the star, with a global price tag of 1,499 euros, representing a significant increase compared to its Chinese price of 6,999 yuan (about $895). Similar pricing trends apply to other new products. In Europe, the Xiaomi 14 carries a price tag of 999 euros, whereas in China, it only costs 4,299 yuan (about $550).

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