Honor MagicBook Pro 16 Specs Revealed With Core Ultra 7 155H

February 25, 2024

One blogger just announced the first photo of Honor MagicBook Pro 16, which shows the texture of the body design that is similar to Matebook X Pro.

The image reveals that the back of the device is made of metal, featuring a numeric keypad and a fingerprint recognition button. In the upper right corner, the logo of Honor’s gaming laptop brand, “Honor Hunter,” is engraved.

Honor MagicBook Pro 16

Today, a tech blogger mentioned that the MagicBook Pro 16 will sport a 3K flagship screen with Honor’s self-developed Oasis Eye Protection technology. It will also be the first Windows laptop to support spatial audio, along with AI functionalities. According to the blogger, the expected release date for the MagicBook Pro 16 is February 25.

Honor MagicBook Pro 16

Honor had previously claimed that the MagicBook Pro 16 would be a groundbreaking AI PC. In their official teaser poster, they hinted at the laptop’s superior multi-device connectivity compared to competitors like Samsung (SAM) and Apple (MAC). The post suggested that the Honor laptop would deliver a more exceptional experience.

Honor CEO Zhao Ming revealed that the company’s approach to laptops, particularly the MagicBook Pro 16, involves significant AI integration. This goes beyond simplistic AI applications or merely supporting ChatGPT conversation features. Instead, they plan to transplant AI functionalities from MagicOS to the laptop.

The MagicBook Pro 16 has surfaced on Geekbench, revealing that it will feature an Intel Core i7-155H processor and a dedicated RTX 4060 graphics card.

The Chinese Quality Certification Center website indicates that Honor’s DRA-72 and DRA-54 laptops have passed 3C certification, utilizing 100W/200W power adapters.

Honor MagicBook Pro 16 Features:

  • Processor: Core Ultra 7 155H (optional)
  • Graphics Card: RTX 4060 (optional)
  • Screen: 3K resolution with support for Honor’s Oasis eye protection technology
  • Windows Camp introduces spatial audio support
  • Fingerprint recognition is supported
  • Includes a numeric keypad
  • Boasts a metal body that emphasizes texture
  • Power supply options: 100W/200W

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