GPT Store is Launched to Sell and Share Customized ChatGPT Chatbots

January 11, 2024

OpenAI today finally unveiled the GPT store, ending a month-long delay. This new platform allows users to share and access a variety of customized ChatGPT chatbots. Users have created an impressive number of over 3 million customized ChatGPT versions in just over two months since the release of GPTs.

GPT Store

Initially, the GPT store will cater to paid ChatGPT users, development teams, and enterprise clients. This launch signifies a new era where users can not only create but also share chatbots for diverse tasks, similar to the models of Apple and Google App Stores. For instance, these custom chatbots range from teaching math to children to concocting unique cocktail recipes.

Moreover, the GPT store features sections akin to rankings in the Apple or Google App Stores. This setup enables users to easily discover the most sought-after chatbots. AllTrails’ personalized route recommendations, Consensus’ capacity to search and synthesize 200 million academic papers, Khan Academy’s Code Tutor for improving coding skills, Canva for designing presentations and social posts, a book recommendation tool called Books, and the CK-12 Flexi AI tutor for learning math and science represent the forefront of the first wave of GPTs.

GPT Store

The store’s interface includes trending sections and supports category-based searches, covering a wide range from DALL・E, writing, and research to programming, education, and lifestyle. Users can also explore unique experiences like the picture-and-text version of “Done! I’m Surrounded by Beautiful Women.”

In addition to this, OpenAI announced a new, affordable ChatGPT plan for smaller businesses, starting at $25 per user per month. This move follows the launch of the ChatGPT enterprise version in August last year, which brought enhanced features and privacy protections.

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