OPPO Find X7 Hands-on: Master-Level Image Design, Design Service Image

January 9, 2024

OPPO officially launched the Find X7 series on January 8, and Gizcoupon will share exclusive hands-on photos of the new machine.


Featuring color options like “Ocean Blue,” “Desert Silver Moon,” and “Pine Shadow Ink Rhyme,” the OPPO Find X7 Ultra has a design that combines glass and plain leather. Meanwhile, the OPPO Find X7 offers color choices such as “Smoke Cloud Purple” and “Starry Night Black,” featuring an all-glass design and introducing the “Ocean Blue” and “Desert Silver Moon” color options with a leather and glass combination. Specifically, the products shot this time are the OPPO Find X7 Ultra “Ocean Blue” color scheme and Find X7 “Starry Night Black” color scheme.

OPPO Find X7

OPPO Find X7

Starting from the previous Find X6 series, OPPO shifted its design philosophy from “design-driven” to “design-serving imaging.” This design philosophy continues in the Find X7 series, prominently featuring a large circular imaging module on the back with four prominent lenses, making it the visual centerpiece of the Find X7 series. One cannot ignore the strong impression that this phone’s photography capabilities are bound to be impressive.

OPPO Find X7

Style comparison

Regarding its aesthetic appeal, my personal opinion is that it looks better than the previous generation. The design language is more intricate, and the details are more refined. It’s a different kind of attractiveness compared to the more understated designs of the Find X3 and X5. The Find X7 series exudes a more business-oriented, mature, and bold design style with enhanced recognizability. Especially the Find X7 Ultra, which emphasizes direct visual impact and the attractiveness of the first impression.

OPPO Find X7

3 Million Crystals in Cross-Grid Pattern

The detailed design of the Find X7 series maintains OPPO’s high standards, such as the silver textured dial lens module on the Find X7 Ultra. With a unique time-grain pattern design and precise 5μm high-precision etching of 3 million crystals in a cross-grid pattern, the visual experience is rich and exquisite. Despite the pronounced protrusion of the dual periscope lens, OPPO ingeniously turns it into a noticeable highlight through design rather than letting it be a burden.

OPPO Find X7

In terms of details, there is a precise sun-like texture around the lens module, complemented by a small orange dot below the lens, reminiscent of professional camera lens designs.

Color options

As for the color options, both “Ocean Breeze” and “Desert Silver Moon” in the Find X7 series feature a spliced design with the lens module made of glass and the lower part employing plain leather craftsmanship. The seamless connection of glass to leather forms a “concentric circle” design, transforming the leather portion into a crescent moon-shaped smile, easily reminiscent of OPPO’s iconic smiling phone from years ago.

OPPO Find X7

The Find X7 Ultra is in the “Ocean Breeze” color, with a plain leather finish in navy blue. The upper half of the glass isn’t “pure white” but adopts a pearlized finish, resembling ceramic texture with countless sparkling stars within the white glass. The Find X7 series employs a high-gloss process for its metal frame, and it specially equips one side with a three-stage mute key. After waiting for the product release, Gizcoupon will bring you further sharing.

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More real-life pictures of OPPO Find X7 Ultra Ocean Blue color:

OPPO Find X7

OPPO Find X7

OPPO Find X7 Starry Night Black color:

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